Self Care… It’s All About You!

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Looking after YOU … How well are you coping?

It is all to easy to forget that you need special attention. Even more so if you are caring for others who can, at times be demanding or unappreciative.

Your job is important but often goes unacknowledged, this can lead to you feeling unappreciated. If this carries on for more than a few days or weeks these feelings can also lead to low self esteem and have feelings of unworthiness. If this continues in a downward spiral, it soon begins to have an effect on your ability to communicate with others and has a detrimental effect on your ability to interact with the outside world.

Most people who go to work will have regular opportunities to prove their worth, they will be rewarded with a pay rise or promotion when they do well, they will be given extra training opportunities and they will have the opportunity to discuss their role and their abilities and training needs to feel fully prepared for the role and the expectations of the team around them.

Parents and carers do not have this luxury. They do not get the opportunity to discuss their role, to undertake specialist training and be rewarded for everything they have done. Without support, your health may suffer both emotionally and physically.

If this is you, or you recognise this as being a potential issue with someone close to you then please read on and see how life can be better.

So what can you do to “top up your batteries”, to care for yourself, so that you are the best you to care for others?

What can you do to make sure your self esteem does not suffer with this regime? What can you do to make sure that you are rewarded for the good work you do?

Firstly you must realise that although you might be on your own right here right now … there are millions of other people also in this position … around the world …. And when you feel up to it you can connect with them and be part of a bigger community of people who understand you, feel as you do, work as you do and need the support that you do.

Secondly, you must consider what is needed to give you back your worth, your health, your self esteem as well as your energy and self respect.

Often we are far to critical of ourselves, we see ourselves in a completely different light than how others would see us. We worry about what others think of us and we spend our time trying to please others to get the recognition we crave.

As a homeopath and a Life Coach, I work with quite a few people helping to put back the pieces of the puzzle which has fallen out over the years. I found that carer’s often give without receiving the support that they need, they often give every ounce of energy leaving nothing for themselves, they often are unable to find the time and energy to recharge their own batteries and feel unable to ask for support and acknowledgement in the work that they do.

With homeopathy we are able to find remedies that help restore energy and self esteem, that help let go of guilt or the need for approval from others, we can find a remedy that helps you to find you again and helps you begin to see past the present block and look forward to a better future.

With coaching, we can begin to grow your vision of your future and see the current opportunities that are arising. We can begin to see the choices we have and find the energy to ask for what we need. We can bring back your self esteem and begin to have faith in your choices and decisions.

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