Caring for the Carers in June

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Who is Caring for the Carers?

Many of my clients know that I spend a good deal of time putting together ideas and strategies to make sure that you, as a carer, are looking after yourself and are doing the things necessary to recharge your batteries and provide yourself with the support you need in order to maintain your own health so that you are in the best place to care for your family.

In my homeopathic clinic I have quite a few children and teenagers who are struggling with health (either emotionally or physically) and I know this takes a huge toll on their parents. It is often really hard for parents to be continually caring, making sure they are making the right decisions, making sure they are up to date on research and medical choices, making sure they have all the information they need to make the right decisions.

This is especially true when you are focussed on finding a personalised health system that suits your children. When this often this means going against the norm, fighting with the mainstream system and having to forge a new way against the tide of popular belief.

It is easy for us Homeopaths to see that sometimes the carer needs help to keep focussed and on track, to help recharge their own batteries to be able to keep on fighting. We often see that a homeopathic remedy for them would often also be beneficial for the child.

With this in mind I have several family consultation prices so that it is not too difficult to make sure you have the care your really need.

Each family member will need a full consultation to begin treatment. This is so I can get all of the details needed to put together a treatment plan. After this initial consultation, you can then book joint follow up consultations where we can run consults back to back with a saving in cost. As each family is different, you need a different solution. All you have to do is ask and we can put one together for your and your family.

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