Nausea and Vomiting

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There are many different reasons why you might be feeling nauseous or are vomiting. To select the right remedy for you will depend on how your experience your symptoms.

These are the questions I will always ask before deciding on a remedy:

  1. When is it better or worse?
  2. What makes it better?
  3. What makes it worse?
  4. Are there other symptoms going on at the same time?
  5. Does eating or drinking make it better or worse?
  6. When did it start?
  7. What was going on when it started?
  8. Is this a recurring symptom or a continual symptom, or a one off?

Potency and dose

I would take one dose of a low potency so 12c or 30c then I would repeat in half an hour if no changes have occured.

If the symptoms diminish and then return, I would retake the remedy. (Max 4 or 5 in one day). If no change after 3 doses, I would retake the case and choose a more appropriate remedy.

If the symptoms change I would retake the case to see if a different remedy is required. It might be that you need to wait awhile to see if change continues.

Here are some useful first aid remedy choices:

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