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Homeopathy for Dog Owners App

Our Homeopathy for dog owners app will be available soon in the Apple Store and Google Play

This means you will have instant access to symptoms and remedy information to prescribe homeopathy for your dogs wherever you are.

There are 97 remedies and over 70 symptoms!

This app is designed with our Dog kit of remedies which you can buy when you become a client member. Click here to register for free!


Homeopathy at Home App

100 remedies, choose the symptoms and find the most appropriate remedy 

Download the Homeopathy at Home app on your smartphone and get the Potency and Dose course for free if you leave a review. Click below to download the app!


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App Reviews

Great go to resource

I have used this app for a quick go to when I do not have access to my homeopathy books, it has been so helpful. I am also using it to help teach my 14 year old daughter the basics of homeopathy so she is able to treat her family and ours if I am not able. Highly recommend this app, the information is wonderful to have on the go.

Great handy app!

I’m new to Homeopathy so this app is coming in handy as I learn to navigate symptoms without having to consult a book. Bugs with kids can come about so quickly so I love that I can have this at the tip of my fingers for those nighttime ailments and I can quickly learn what to grab and easily know what to administer! Looking forward to learning more with this app!

Excited there is an App!

Been on this homeopathic journey for about 1 year now, constantly looking for more information. Super excited to have it easily accessible on my phone! Such a budget friendly learning option-want to buy some Books but they are all pretty expensive- this will get me started.

Great app for those new to homeopathy

This is a comprehensive app that covers just about any ailment that you can treat yourself. Also the website is a wealth of knowledge and the app is constantly updated with new information. A game changer for me as it helped reduce my pharmaceutical use.

All the details

As a mom trying to learn more about homeopathy this app is an excellent resource! It’s easy to navigate and walks you through the steps! I also love the direct links to classes you can take to learn more! So happy to have this!

Happy mom

This app is great makes me more confident to be able to treat my little kids with whatever may come our way this cold season. I love how concise it is which makes it so much easier to understand and narrow the right remedy down to a T. Thank you for creating a wonderful app that is quick at my disposal and making me a more equipped to get to the right remedy.

I love homeopathy. Doctors and prescriptions are great too!

I just downloaded the app and already it’s helped me assist my sister in choosing the right remedy for her son and it’s helped me find a homeopathy resource for labor in childbirth! I’m so glad to have this resource so I can help my kids! A few months ago I started using two remedies to help with my depression and anger. It’s been amazing!

Great resource!

This app makes finding the right remedy easy even for beginners. It covers most common ailments, along with the common remedies. You can also check the remedy profile to confirm that it’s the right remedy. Very easy to use and understand. Highly recommend.

Wonderful resource!

I have been using homeopathy for years with my family and often reference multiple resources for guidance. This app is a wonderful quick resource to help when you need it. I am very happy to have found this!

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