I’m Mary Greensmith

Classical, Licensed Homeopath

Natural, personalised health for all of the family

I’m Mary Greensmith

Classical, Licensed Homeopath

Helping families with

Behavioural Problems,

ADHD and Pandas

Homeopathy is a gentle, natural, personalised medicine which is safe for all ages

“My daughter has been super calm, focused and ready to face her day. No crying, frustration, or irritation. This is HUGE for us! This is huge for her! “

“We are one week in and seeing some pretty major changes. I have been amazed and almost can’t believe my eyes.”

“He seems more mature and confident. He has offered to help with chores more often instead of me telling him exactly what to do.”

“I honestly don’t think I can say I have ever seen my boy do better work. He was quiet (hummed only once briefly), did not whine once and focused on doing neat, clean work.”

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Homeopathy and Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity & Homeopathic Remedies Hyperactivity is often described as “needing to let off steam” or “needing to get rid of excess energy”.  Some children seem to have endless amount of energy and are constantly needing to run and jump, they may find concentrating...

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Placebo, Homeopathy, Self Healing and TEETH

Placebo, Homeopathy, Self Healing and TEETH Placebo, Homeopathy, Self Healing and TEETH (Tried Everything Else .... Try Homeopathy) I often hear non homeopathic users refer to homeopathy as just placebo.   This makes me smile.   It makes me think, hang on a minute,...

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Improvements within a month

“We noticed positive changes within the first month of treatment for my 4 year old son.  Firstly his emotional state, he stopped crying before school, his itching improved by 70%, his bowels improved, his energy was much better and his tummy pain halved. “

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Life Changing Results

“The impact of homeopathy has been life-changing if not life-saving for my daughter!!   I hesitate to use the word miracle as it may sound too good be true but that is what it feels like.        Her health has improved 200%.”

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The Consultation Process

Homeopathic consultations are by video call wherever you are in the world.  Choose a time that suits you and book straight into my diary.

Book a 15 minute introduction call and talk with Mary about how it will work for and your family.

About Me

I am a Classical Homeopath, I live on a boat in Europe  and I help people around the world by video call.  I strongly believe we all have a choice and I love to help people learn more about the opportunities that the Homeopathy Choice gives you.

I live a simple life in a beautiful world, I work with like minded people who respect the resources we have in this world and understand that less is more in every respect.


“Within about a week of taking the remedy  my son’s anger outbursts decreased substantially, and his nightly freaking out while going to bed just went away.”

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Our 4 year old son suffered since birth from intense food allergies , asthma & eczema , recurrent chest infections, digestion problems , constipation, soiling problems bed wetting & emotional / behavioural issues & sleep disturbances all of which improved within weeks of the first remedies.”    Read more


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