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Hi, I’m Mary 

I love homeopathy

Homeopathy has crept into every aspect of my life, and I love it.  As well as seeing homeopathic clients, I am the founder of an acute homeopathic platform called

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 In order to make sure that more and more people have the opportunity to see a homeopath, I have now created my own team of homeopaths who work with me so that we can open up the calendar and see more clients.

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In order to help more people learn about homeopathy and how it changes lives, I have a podcast and several courses, as well as a couple of apps to help you learn more about prescribing at home.  Take a look and see which way suits you to continue your homeopathic journey.
Homeopathy-at-Home apps and courses
Homeopathy podcast
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When I was 21, I found a little small-holding in North Scotland and moved into the mountains to learn more about living from the land, I have a strong pull towards self-care and self-sufficiency. I wanted to learn how to live life without all of the trappings of modern-day culture. More recently, I spent seven years living on a boat and travelling around Europe whilst running a full-time homeopathic practice helping people worldwide.

Whilst in Greece, I helped the refugees stuck on the island of Samos after fleeing trauma and terror from many countries. This experience bought home to me how important it is to remember that everything we have is very transient, we live in a very volatile world, and it takes only one horror to change your health, your future and your whole world.

I now live in rural Devon in South West England in an amazing valley of rivers, forest and meadowland. I live with my husband Paul and my dog Lilly, and we enjoy the space, the quiet and the tranquillity of nestling in the countryside away from the hubbub of modern civilisation. Nature provides the energy we need to help contribute towards a better world.

I am proud to be helping to establish the world’s largest team of homeopathic doctors working together helping people around the world. Homeopathy247 provides acute and full consultations around the world and is available 24 hours a day.

Once you begin working with homeopathy, it is very difficult not to want to learn more, and with this in mind, I have created a number of introductory courses to help you learn more about this incredible medicine which can be used safely at home as a first aid application. I also have an app, ‘Homeopathy at Home’ which will help you wherever you are, find the most appropriate remedy to most first aid situations.

I look forward to meeting you and helping your along your homeopathic journey.

I Love Homeopathy


I love homeopathy because

“I love being independent, being responsible for what I consume and the effect it has on the world. Homeopathy is a natural medicine and fits so well with these beliefs, it provides me with a sensible choice of medical care.”


It encourages you to listen

“It makes you much more aware of your own reactions to the environment, whether that is a physical or an emotional response. It encourages you to listen more intently to what your body is telling you and helps you understand what it is your body really needs”.

My Approach

For me homeopathy is about taking back responsibility for your health and finding the resource your body is asking for. This means that during your consultation you will be given the resources you need to begin understanding what the symptoms are saying and what you can do to provide your body with what it is asking for.

You will begin to understand more about your own health as well as homeopathic remedies that suit your body. Together we will be able to make the changes needed to reboot your own self healing mechanism.


Mary Greensmith offers homeopathic treatment online.

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