Remedies For Carers

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Remedies for Carers

Homeopathic Remedies to Help people cope with their role as a carer or as a parent.

I often talk to people who feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities, their workload, their family members, their lives. I will work with them to find out how they experience what is happening around them, to them or to their family. I am looking for both the emotional and physical symptoms which will allow me to find a remedy that will :

  • Strengthen resilience,
  • Improve energy levels
  • Improve sleep patterns,
  • Improve decision making
  • Decrease the feeling of overwhelm
  • Improve mood and well being.

These are often not first aid or acute remedies which can be self prescribed. You will see that the remedies overlap in the emotional sphere and it is often to difficult to be able to spot the reactions and patterns of yourself to distinguish between one remedy and another. With the help of a homeopath, you will work through not only what is happening now but also what has happened in the past that leads you to the way you react now. Our whole health history is taken into account and part of your treatment might be dealing with issues that are unresolved from the past.

There are many, many remedies which might be useful to you. I have selected just a handful here and have written just a brief description of the emotional response that are so important when finding the right remedy.


Desire to be quiet and left alone, tired, apathy, drowsy. Mental exertion causes a sense of helplessness and weakness. Mental exhaustion, incapacity to fix attention, indifference. Fear of upcoming ordeals, fear of bad news.


Passionate people who over extend themselves. Sympathetic people who get bored easily, Fastidious people who have a lot of responsibility. History of emotional suppression and deep guilt. History of nursing a loved one with a chronic, long standing illness. Feel better for crying and worse for consolation.

Natrum muriaticum

Depression after loss of a loved one, broken relationships or broken heart. Emotionally shut down. Dwells on unpleasant memories and holds grudges for years. Cannot cry in front of others and is aggravated by consolation. Sympathetic with the fear of hurting other peoples emotions.


Mentally and physically worn out. Industrious, constantly worrying about illness with despair about recovery. Sense of helplessness. Sad and gloomy moods with a tendency to burst into tears. Aversion to sympathy and company and resenting criticism of any kind.

Calcaria Carbonica

Overworked and exhausted. Sits and thinks about little things that amount to nothing. Worries about all of their responsibilities and duties, low spirited and apathetic. Easily frightened or offended, fears of misfortune, disasters or diseases.


Nervous and anxious, desires company. Worries about trifles and health. Fear of death and disease, fear of germs and viruses. Can be domineering and demanding and everything is worse after midnight. Likes order and control.

During a homeopathic consultation with someone needing to introduce more self care into their lives, I often spend a good deal of time putting together a plan of action as well as homeopathic remedies. I have written down some of those exercises for you too.

Click through to see my list of self care exercises for you to begin implementing into your life to help recharge your batteries and help you cope with the situation you are in.

Click through here for more details of what to expect in your first consultation.

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