Seasonal Allergy Remedies

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Seasonal Allergies and Remedies that Match

Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating your own self healing mechanism to make the necessary changes so that your body doesn’t create this inappropriate response which we know as ‘an allergy’.

The remedies are chosen by matching their whole picture and energy frequency to your energy frequency. Therefore …. because we all experience our symptoms differently, 10 people who have seasonal allergies may have 10 different remedies.

In order to find the right homeopathic remedies to help relieve your current allergy symptoms you need to find the remedy which best fits all of your symptoms. As you use homeopathy you will get used to asking yourself more about the symptoms presenting and how they actually feel and how you feel emotionally whilst experiencing them.

  1. Start by collecting all of your symptoms and ask yourself:
  2. What makes them better or worse?
  3. Where do you feel it and does it move?
  4. At what time of day is it better or worse?
  5. How does it actually feel in your body?
  6. How do you feel when you have this symptom?
  7. What else happens when you have this symptom?

Once you have all of this information you can select the best remedy to use.

  • Choose potency 12c or 30c.
  • Once you have selected the right remedy take one dose (one pillule).
  • If there is no change you can repeat the remedy after half an hour.
  • If the symptoms go for a while and then come back you can retake the remedy.
  • If your symptoms change then wait and see if they begin to disappear. If new symptoms develop you need to go back and choose the remedy which best fits the new set of symptoms.
  • If no change after 3 doses then you need to go back and choose a better remedy. For lasting results please consult a homeopath who can work at addressing the cause of the allergy.

Useful allergy first aid remedies to consider:


Eyes swollen and nearly shut, itchy and red.
Burning and heat of whole face. Craves cold applications
Watery, bland mucus

Allium cepa

Begins on the left side
Acrid nasal discharge which may burn.
Profuse watery discharge (eyes or nose or both)
Bland mucus
Violent sneezing
Nose completely obstructed with mucus
Worse in the afternoon or evening
Better in the open air

Arsenicum Album

Starts on the right side
Watery mucus drips from the nose or feels totally blocked up.
Burning pains in the nose, eyes and throat which is better with hot drinks.
Tickling sensation causes sneezing
Worse in the mornings or in cold air
Better in warm room and/or warm drinks
Another symptom is sores developing inside the nostrils


Extremely irritated eyes with burning and itching
Constant blinking to try to relieve
Crusty formations around the eyes
Post nasal drip causes coughing and retching on waking
Intense sneezing and watery bland mucus
Worse in the morning or with warm winds
Better at Night
Other symptoms asthma, coughing worse daytime

Natrum Muriaticum

Hay fever with egg white type mucus
Paroxysms of sneezing
Chapped lips and cracks in the corners of the mouth
Worse outside and in wind.


Summer and autumn hay fever
Bland fluent discharge from eyes and mouth
Itching of the eyes better for cold applications
Worse for the heat of the sun, hot foods, hot bed
Better inside with air conditioning
Other symptoms: asthma, wheezing and cough when lying down.


Tremendous, debilitating sneezing
Itching and tingling of the nose
Copious mucus or nasal obstruction
Every sneeze makes the eyes water
Worse Outside, Better inside and warm
Other symptoms = dry cough


Overwhelming drowsiness and weakness
Violent and exhausting sneezing in the mornings
Discharge like hot water
Worse in warm humid weather


Hay fever affecting the eyes
Eyelids red and crusted, the feeling of sand in the eyes.
Thick yellow or clear discharge worse on the right side
Intense sneezing in the evening
Worse in the open air or over warm room.


Tremendous itching of the throat, nose or palate
Need to scratch the palate with the tongue
Itching extends to the ear and better for rubbing the ears
Dryness in the mouth and throat
Throat swollen or need to keep clearing the throat.

If you would like help in choosing the right first aid remedy for your or your family members please book a FIRST AID CONSULTATION.

if you would like to address the curse of your allergies then please book a FULL CONSULTATION.

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