Consultation Prices and Booking

The Consultation

15 minute Strategy Introduction in

Your First Consultation

£130 ($185)

Your Follow Up Consultations

£75 ($115) for one person

£130 ($200) for two members of the family (joint consultation)

£190 ($280) for three family members (joint consultation)

Acute Consultation

£35 ($45) If you have something come up between consultations that you would like to find a remedy to help with an acute situation.


Personal Package of 3 follow up consultations – paid in advance £200 ($315) (one person)

Family Package of 3 follow up joint consultations for 2 members of the family – paid in advance (9 months expiry date) . £350/$540)


Payment for your consultation can be in US Dollars, GBP or Euros.

You will be able to pay by Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

After the consultation you will be sent an invoice. You can just click on the invoice itself and either select to enter your card details or to pay with a Paypal account.

Prepaid packages are available at discounted rates. Please enquire

Consultation vouchers are available to purchase for family members or friends.