Homeopathy for Oppositional Defiant Disorder

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ODD Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Treating Naturally

Frequently, ODD is confused with ADHD, and sometimes children may well be displaying both ODD and ADHD.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder usually involves an enduring pattern of un-cooperative and hostile behaviour. Authority, rules and regulations are a huge trigger to these behavioural traits.

The diagnosis for Oppositional Defiant Disorder is usually given when a child is seen to have many of the following reactions to family members.

The child frequently loses his or her temper.

Argues with adults.

May actively refuse to comply with reasonable adult-imposed rules.

Deliberately annoys others.

Often blames others for their mistakes, even if it involves lying.

Are touchy and easily annoyed by others.

Angry and resentful.

Sometimes spiteful or vindictive.

This is sometimes seen in children that are slightly older and results in an attitude of, “If you punish me, I’ll find a way to punish you.”

When given a reasonable command, the child might react in one or more of the following ways.

Refusing to listen

Throwing a tantrum

Baiting the parent/adult by responding with the one-word response, “No!”

Deliberately annoying people such as Kicking the back of the seat of the person in front of them:

The following remedies are really useful to help calm a tantrum when the picture suits:


Explosive, Angry

Screams loudly

Wants attention then doesn’t, changeable mood

Quarrelsome, obstinate

Dissatisfied, demanding

Wants to be carried or have attention


Angry Irritable, cross


Screaming, striking, biting



Wants everything done their way






Stomach /abdomen pains when upset




Changeable mood


Tugs at your skirt to be carried

Doesn’t want to be left on own

Craves affection





Wants to be alone

Angry about mistakes

Nux vomica


Very irritable


Sensitive to noise, light, smells, people around

Likes to be in charge

Wants to be in a quiet place

Violent, spiteful, ugly behaviour

You may be able to choose one of these remedies to take during or after a situation as a first aid remedy. A homeopath may prescribe a much higher potency of the remedy so that these occasions are much less frequent. This is usually the case when the patient shows very clear indications of the remedy picture through their whole health history.

When considering the whole health history to choose a constitutional or miasmatic remedy as much information as possible is needed from conception, through pregnancy, birth until the current day will be considered. Physical (illness, medications and vaccinations) and emotional traumas will be considered to help search for the cause of the original disturbance.

Quite often the first remedy opens the picture to reveal another remedy picture is needed and it takes a few remedies to peal back the layers of health. This is quite normal these days with our complex health issues. We have so many factors which can affect how we react each day from the foods we eat to our environment around us, from our inherited susceptibilities to our weakened immune system from too many antibiotics and steroid medications.

The good news is that the way we react physically and emotionally are the signals we need to determine the remedies which will help us heal.

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