Confidence …. It’s All in a Word

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A Remedy to Help Boost Confidence Changes Everything

Let me introduce you to Sarah (I have changed her name for this write up) but you will soon see why I had to share her story. In fact it is very early on in the big scheme of things, Sarah has only had 2 consultations and 2 homeopathic remedies. She has made outstanding progress to date but I am sure this is only the beginning of her story. I have the feeling Sarah will go along way!

When I met Sarah, talking and communicating in general was extremely difficult. Obviously a very intelligent 12 year old, Sarah found it difficult to express herself both within her family and with her peers at school. It was making life very difficult and Sarah was displaying her frustrations in a number of ways.

Sarah had Issues focusing in school, with her lack of confidence, high anxiety levels and problems with decision making, she was not able to make friends easily, and was becoming more and more argumentative with her family and increasingly hard on herself putting excessive pressure on herself to perform well. She was extremely worried about what others might think of her, and was terrified of her bedroom at night.

After the first remedy Sarah’s parents explained the changes they had noticed over the first couple of weeks.

“She is beginning to speak openly about situations, especially things happening at school. She comes home now much happier, less frustrated and able to talk to us”. It seemed a great beginning.

A couple of weeks after her second consultation I was sent a lovely message which they are happy for me to share with you here.

“Just wanted to let you know, Sarah won her ‘Spelling Bee’ for the whole school. This is something she has wanted since 4th grade. She could never focus enough and always lacked confidence to achieve her goal.

I am so proud and thankful to say, this morning was a breeze. She’s headed to County this morning to compete. Normally she would have been in a full blown tizzy for days. She has been super calm, focused and ready to face her day. No crying, frustration, or irritation.

This is HUGE for us! This is huge for her!

I truly feel blessed seeing the improvements we have. The results have been remarkable! Thankful there have been no side effects and I am getting my amazing daughter back that I knew was always in there!

This was followed a few hours later with:

She won today and is headed for regionals. Would you believe the word she won with was CONFIDENCE.

New territory, new found confidence, and focus she’s never been able to tap into. I can not thank you enough for helping us!”

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