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Using Nosodes as part of the homeopathic treatment

As a homeopath I use nosodes as part of my treatment plans for clients. I use miasmatic nosodes and bowel nosodes quite often. Other specific nosodes such as borrellia for lyme disease may occasionally be used if I find a block to cure.
Nosodes are remedies made from tissues and they have been used since homeopathy first began over 200 years ago. I rarely use nosodes for first aid treatment, I don’t use nosodes instead of vaccinations or as a precaution against flu. There are often much better remedies that have a more complete picture which would be more helpful to you than a specific nosode made from a previous infection.

Well indicated nosodes are much more they are part of the long term healing process when you work with a homeopath. They help build resilience from previous traumas. These susceptibilities may have been inherited or they may have happened at any point along the health journey.

I often use maismatic nosode remedies to help build resilience from inherited susceptibilities. So, for example, if someone has had allergies from a very young age I will be looking at strengthening their whole health by considering previous generation health issues that may have been passed down the gene pool. Often tuberculinum is very useful.

When I listen to a client explaining to me how responsible they have been, even from a very early age, I will want to consider carcinosin as a remedy to address an inherited cancer miasm which is still affecting both their physical and emotional reactions years and years later.

When understanding how a client keeps returning to the same cycles of behaviour of self destruction I will be considering using a syphilitic miasmatic remedy to help them break the cycle and choose a different reaction to life around them. When a client reacts in a very slow and calculated was or is prone to slow skin reactions then a psoric miasm may well be needed.

Not all miasmatic remedies are nosodes and some of our most popular polycrests are very deep acting miasmatic remedies such as sulphur and arsenicum, whichever is more appropriate to use at the time will help other remedies be more effective in the future.

Other nosodes used in the course of homeopathic long term prescribing are bowel nosodes. I often use these when there has been a definite trauma which has affected the gut bacteria and the symptoms presenting indicate that the gut is no longer working efficiently. This might be resulting in skin issues, allergies or digestion problems. The most common bowel nosodes I use in my practice are Morgan Gaertner, Gaertner, Proteus and Morgan Pure. Each one has it’s own unique picture and is chosen in exactly the same way as you would choose another remedy. By adding up all of the symptoms which are expressed in the whole picture to find the one that fits the best.

Another nosode I use a lot is folliculinum. It is a remedy made from hormones and is a really useful remedy for resetting menstrual cycles, for helping strengthen uterine deficiencies and rebalance hormone production.

I hope this introduction to nosodes helps you to understand that nosodes are just part of the homeopathic toolbox, they are used in the same way as other homeopathic remedies, they are used to strengthen underlying weakness, they are used to reset or rebalance the body and put it back on track.

Because the remedies are addressing the health picture at a deep level, I often first aid remedies work much better after such treatment.

“Mary, you are a miracle worker!!!! I was amazed when you healed my chronic anxiety with the first treatment. Now I’m absolutely blown away. Elliot has been having severe ADHD symptoms every time he ate his trigger foods (MSG and natural flavors). He would get angry, irritable, violent with his brother, sad, of course hyper and loud, Zero focus or concentration, very difficult to do his school work, especially math, and it would last for 3-4 days. This week, after his third homeopathic appointment, he has eaten heavy, MSG laden foods twice THIS WEEK, and has had ZERO symptoms!!!! And that’s without using any acute remedies or any other supplements!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us our lives, peace, and sanity back!

“Within about a week of taking the carefully selected remedy Mary prescribed, my son’s anger outbursts decreased substantially. He was previously having daily anger outbursts that included hitting things, yelling, and rude talk to family members and close friends. Those disappeared about a week after taking his remedy. and his nightly freaking out while going to bed went away.

Before the remedy he would get all agitated every night at bedtime, convinced that he would NEVER get to sleep. He had developed obsessive routines, but even those didn’t work to calm him. We had tried dietary changes, every natural sleep supplement available, and lots of behavioural changes.

Nothing worked at all until his remedy cleared the issue.”

Its now been a month since I saw Mary and the energy levels are just getting better and better, I’m even planning things to do now, which a few month ago would have been unthinkable. I seem to have allergies to everything, I would touch things and the next thing I would be covered in a rash or my eyes would be sore and swollen, customers where I work would ask me if I’d been crying. In the end I had to have antihistamine all the time and wear protective gloves at work which was working out to be quite costly. Since starting homeopathy I haven’t had a reaction or rash for over two months now which is great.

“We were searching for help for our 4 year old son who has suffered since birth from intense food allergies , asthma & eczema , recurrent chest infections including pneumonia twice – once with a collapsed lung. He also had digestion problems , constipation , soiling problems bed wetting & emotional / behavioural issues , sleep disturbances, the list goes on.

Our main desire was for our son to be able to fight off viral infections without any more trips to hospital as he was regularly admitted with serious breathing problems. One was so severe that we nearly lost him.

Improvements within a week
We noticed positive changes within the first month of receiving homeopathic treatment with Mary. Firstly his emotional state. He has stopped crying in the mornings at school. something he had done for over 12 months. Then his bowels started to improve. His complaints of tummy pain has more than halved and continues to improve. As his bowels improve, he began to stop soiling himself, in fact he hasn’t soiled since. He began to sleep better through the night with disturbances only occasional instead of every night! Again this is still improving.

A Miracle
I have also noticed a massive reduction in his skin itching, I would say his eczema has reduced by 70% and continues to improve. When he got a chest infection, we were concerned, but actually he got over this on his own. That is without the use of steroids or antibiotics for the first time in his life! This is a miracle for us!

Energy Levels
Another huge improvement is his energy levels. He was getting exhausted after 5 hours being awake and would sometimes sleep for 3 to 4 hours in an afternoon as he just had no energy. This would make him agitated & frustrated & angry. This had a big effect on all of our lives. Wherever we were, we had to make sure he got that afternoon sleep. But now the afternoon naps have stopped! He began to develop more energy & I could tell he was happier.

The difference is incredible.
All these changes have really changed his life and in fact, all of our lives as a family for the better . I wish I had searched for Mary sooner. I cannot recommend her highly enough”.
May 2018


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