The Story Around Forgetfulness

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We will need to know the story behind the symptom.

The Story Around Forgetfulness.

The subject of forgetfulness is an interesting one. There are over 200 homeopathic remedies listed under the rubric of forgetfulness so finding the right remedy which resonates with you or a member of your family is going to involve quite a bit of extra background information.

The extra information needed will include what is happening when the forgetfulness takes place, is it because your mind is so full of other activities, is it because you are focused on one other activity, is it because you have difficult remembering more than one direction or command, is it because your head is just somewhere else right now.

The remedies will also be very different depending on what else is happening at the time. So for example: forgetfulness during grief will indicate a very different remedy to forgetfulness during excitement, forgetfulness of the elderly is different from forgetfulness during anxiety or forgetfulness after eating.

You can see how we will need the surrounding story in order to find the best remedy, we will need to know the history before the forgetfulness, we will need to know the effects of other activities such as eating, sleeping, work, family or events.

By putting together several rubrics (the way the symptom occurs) we can begin to pull out the remedies which are most likely to be the most help.

Here are some examples of the rubrics for forgetfulness taken from Murphies Repertory.

Forgetful after eating:

calcarea sulphurica, candida albans, ferrum met, magnesia carbonica, natrum muriaticum, rhus tox.

Forgetfulness after excitement

Aconite, Agave tequilana, coffea, ignatia, opium, phosphoric acid, staphysagria

Forgetfulness during a chill

Arsenicum, baryta carbonica, belladonna, china, consume, gelsemium, hyoscymus, podophyllum, rhus tox.

Forgetfulness during a fever

Aconite, Alumina, Anacardium, arnica, arsenicum, baptisia tinctoria, carbo veg, china, cocculus, guarea trichiloides, mercurius, pyrogen, rhus tox

Forgetfulness at night

China, silica, sulphur

Forgetfulness after sunstroke

Anacardium, belladonna, glonione, lachesis, natrum carbonicum, veratrum.

Forgetfulness during menopause

Lachesis, physostigma venenosum

Forgetfulness of Friends and Relatives


With many more common forgetful symptoms such as leaving the items just bought or forgetting what he has said, there are too many remedies listed to be useful so we need to find other symptoms that will help us differentiate between the remedies that might be useful.

Sometimes you may find that a well indicted remedy helps for a while and then the symptoms return. A homeopath will then need to look at possible blocks or maintaining causes which are stopping the remedies make significant, long lasting changes. The blocks or maintaining causes may be medications, vaccinations, environmental stressors or other factors which need addressing before a long lasting improvement can be achieved.

You can see that forgetfulness is only ever part of the picture, part of the story and part of the information needed to find a suitable remedy. A homeopath will take a full health history of each each client to find those additional symptoms to add to the forgetfulness and will probably give a remedy based on the whole constitution in order to encourage the body to react in a different way. This way, the body begins to optimise health and you realise you are no longer forgetting quite so many things as you did in the past.

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