The Homeopathic Choice For Seasonal Allergies

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Spring Has Sprung ….. for some that means Itchy Eyes, Runny Nose and General Misery.

Spring makes most of smile. It is so great to feel the warmth of the sun, see the flowers beginning to bloom and the grass take on a new bounce as the world fills with new life all around us. But there are many of us who knows that it also means the beginning of the allergy season. With the sunshine and warmth comes pollen and seed heads, and with those comes itchiness, runny noses and much suffering.

So how can homeopathy help?

Homeopathy works by helping to teach the body a new and different response. It does not surprise the symptoms, it helps the body learn not to initiate the symptoms.

There are a number of ways of prescribing homeopathy for allergies.

First Aid /Acute Prescribing

This is finding the right remedy that will give you relief right now for your symptoms. You can take the remedies as you need them. The remedies are found by matching your symptoms with the action of the remedy. It will give you relief now. You can take the remedies as you need them.

A first aid consultation with a homeopath to find the best remedies for your symptoms right now will last 15 to 20 minutes. You will be given a prescription and details of where to purchase the remedies and how to take the remedies.

Holistic Prescribing

By taking into account your whole health history and your current symptoms, this method helps to build overall resilience and rebalance your body so that it doesn’t need to respond in the current way. It changes the way your body reacts so that your body is more able to cope with the allergens round you. You will not need to keep taking the remedies. We often find that your body will need a reminder remedy at the beginning of the following year but will be free of symptoms by the third year.

You will need a full consultation with a homeopath for a Holistic prescription, it is more than likely you will also be given first aid remedies to help relieve the symptoms that you re suffering right now whilst your body makes the deeper changes needed for lasting results.

A Holistic consultation with a homeopath will take between an hour and a hour and a half to take a detailed health history. You will be given a prescription and details of where to purchase and how to take your remedies. You will also need a follow up consultation which is usually 4 to 5 weeks later. As your body responds with the first remedies, you might require a different remedy to continue finding and addressing the original cause of the health disturbance or imbalance.

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