Supporting the Skin with Homeopathy

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Your skin is your largest organ and is often affected when your body needs to excrete toxins that have built up in your body.

Your skin is also often an indicator for imbalances in minerals in your body. Learning to read what your skin is telling you is a hard call but by noticing how it changes after particular foods or experiences, we can begin to notice when our skin is reacting to something.

The skin is often quite a difficult organ to treat on your own with homeopathy. This is because we need to look at what is really happening with the body as a whole, the skin is just the organ of excretion. If their are toxins inside the body that need to come out we need to make sure the body can expel these in a calm and friendly fashion.

There are however quite a few first aid remedies which you can try and help your skin improve in texture and quality. When we look at the remedies we can see that there are many variations of texture of skin.

In order to choose a remedy to help improve your skin you will need to be precise about the texture, it’s reactions and it’s responses. You can see from the variety within the remedies below, there are many many variations of skin disorders and likewise there are many many remedies so select from. This list is just a glimpse of how to distinguish between one remedy and another.

Apis Mellifica

Swollen, red, puffy, itchy, stinging pain in the skin when hot and dry.

Arsenicum Album

Dry, rough, scaly, dirty, shrivelled skin, which is worse when cold and worse for scratching. May feel as if pustules are burning and very itchy.


Dry rough, irritable eczema that break and exudes a gluey moisture. Groin, neck and behind the ears. Burning in old scars, Pimples, acne, ulcers, wens, cracked nipples, chronic poison oak reactions.

Hepar Sulphuris

Chapped skin with deep cracks on hands and feet. Recurring urticaria, cold sores. Wants to be wrapped up warmly, Ulcers, pimples, acne.

Kali Bichomicum

Acne which scars. The skin is red, hot, dry and red. Papular and pustular eruptions.

Kali Bromatum

Psoriasis on chest and shoulders. Acne is bluish red, scars remain after eruption.

Natrum Muraticum

Fever blisters, crusty eruptions, hives, itching and burning after exertion, warts on the palms of the hands. Herpes around the lips, dry, cracked, chapped lips, cold sores.


Herpetic, itchy, eruptions especially on the scalp. eczema behind the ears, crusty eruptions on oily skin pustules near the finger nails.


Deep cracks in fold of skin, finger tips and nipples. Itching at night. Chilblains are moist and burn. Skin is dirty, hard, rough and thickened. Becomes raw and won’t heal. Cracks bleed.

Rhus Toxicodendron

Dermatitis when red, itchy, swollen, hot, dry and burning. Herpes, urticaria, shingles, cellulitis


Cracked and dry finger tips, crippled nails, acne that doesn’t come to a head, eruption on chin, painful scars.


Herpetic eruptions on lips, nose and mouth. Thick crusts on elbows, spots, urticaria, boils, sweaty feet. Ringworm rings.


Eruptions of every kind, dry, scaly, unhealthy skin. Burns when scratched, worse in open air or with washing. Skin disorders after medications. Boils, scabies, cracks, eczema, ulcers.

It is worth investigating each of these remedies and learning more about them. We use a materia medica which lists the remedies with detailed accounts of the symptoms for which they are useful.

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