Shocking Figures of Under Fives on Medications

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The Homeopathic Choice for ADHD

The figures from the CCHR the International Mental Health Watchdog, are stating that in 2017 over 80,000 children in the US aged five years or under were given drugs for ADHD and over 2 million children aged 12 years and under were prescribed these medications.

Unfortunately with more and more people receiving a formal diagnosis of ADHD this is only set to increase year on year. It seems to be coming more common practice where schools are insisting that children are medicated and parents are lead down a one track road where giving these medications is the only option. They are often not aware of non harmful medical alternatives.

The drugs given include Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, Metadate, Vyvanse and Provigil and while they are known to be effective with helping some children, the records of side effects and concerns about these drugs is growing longer and longer.

With 61 specific warnings about these drugs coming from Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States, there is an increasing number of studies recording what is happening. Over 40 studies conducted show that the side effects have been seen to cause many side effects including:

Sleep problems, heart disorders, blood pressure, growth, cognitive impairment, violence, hallucinations, psychosis, strokes and death. There are also significant withdrawal reactions.

Please note if you or a member of your family are taking these medications you should not just stop them without the support of your Doctor.

Many people don’t know of any other way to help their children, so they have no choice but to go down the medicated route. But there are a growing number of parents who have seen a negative reaction to their children’s prescribed medication, and are searching for alternative ways to help.

There is substantial evidence that cutting out gluten and dairy from your diet will improve some aspects of ADHD symptoms, homeopathic remedies also can be used to help balance the system and address the cause of the symptoms.

Homeopathy can address the cause of the health disturbance in a number of ways. As always, when using homeopathy we are looking to find the remedies that most suit the whole picture. ADHD, like many health disorders, effective people in many different ways, this means each person will be prescribed remedies that are most suited to the way they experience the disturbance. We will be looking to help the body to rebalance using different prescribing methodology.

Treating With Miasmatic Remedies

(with remedies that address your inherited susceptibilities) with remedies such as:


Irritable especially when waking. Fits of violent temper, wants to fight, throws everything without just cause, Desire to use foul language. Every trifle irritates. Contradictory behaviour, changing mood. Depression and sadness.


Wide awake at night, multiple allergies to foods and chemicals, anticipatory anxiety, fears of failure, difficult concentration, hyperactivity, Attention deficit, aversion to reprimand, fastidiousness, physical exertion ameliorates,


Cannot concentrate, weak memory, loses the thread of the conversation, forgets names, words or her errand. Tells things over and over again. Sensitive, nervous, restless, everything startles her, hurried and anxious. Impulsive, abrupt, rude, mean, cruel. Persistent ideas.

Treating Constitutionally

(with remedies matched Holistically to treat the whole person)


Fastidious, upset about disorder, dirt and germs OCD behaviours, fault finding, malicious, selfish, suspicious. Nervous, restless and anxious. Great fear with cold sweat, hates to be alone. Worse during the night.

Nux Vomica

Over active mind, nervous and excitable, irritable, angry and impatient. Fiery temperament, spiteful, nagging, violent, fault finding, Angry when consoled, head strong, self willed. Cannot bear conversation or reading. Sensitive to noise.


Mild, timid, emotional and tearful. Changeable mood, easily offended, weeps easily, craves sympathy, desires company. Moody, contradictory behaviour, jealous for attention. Fear of abandonment, grief and fears the dark.


Indecision, loss of confidence, poor self esteem, cannot bear anything new, or adverse to trying new things. Wakes irritable and angry, sad or anxious. Headstrong, domineering and fault finding. Weak memory, confused thoughts, dyslexic, trouble with writing or reading what he has written.

Treating Symptomatically

(with remedies well matched to individual symptoms)


Anger and vexation, spiteful and snappish. Ugly behaviour, cross, uncivil, quarrelsome, impatient or intolerant of being interrupted. Abrupt, aversion to taking. Cannot bear anyone near or to be touched.

China Officinalis

Ideas crowd in the mind and prevent sleep. Disobedient, taciturn, despondent, disobedient, stubborn, contempt for everything around them. Disposition to hurt other people’s feelings. Makes mistakes in speech or writing


Brain fatigue, Inability to think or to fix attention, awkwardness, attention deficit.


Irritability, Propensity to curse and swear, forgets names, bad memory, lack of mental power, lack of confidence, unsociable, suspicious and jealous, wicked hard hearted and cruel. Very easily offended many phobias.

Treating with Tautopathic Remedies

(remedies made from the substance likely to have caused the disturbance)

We might use this method when there has been a definite “never been well since” a particular medical event. We can use the original substance made into a homeopathic remedy for detoxing:

  • Vaccinations
  • Medications
  • Heavy Metals

Treating with organ support remedies

(Helping the organs through detoxing and changes in reactions)

As leaky gut syndrome is often part of the picture in ADHD it might be necessary to help support the organs associated with digestion. Imbalances in the endocrine system will also influence the digestive system.

The Homeopathic Choice

With more and more diagnosis of ADHD or other similar health disorders, we can only assume that more and more children will be offered and given mainstream medication, even to children under 5 years old.

I would like to encourage people to talk about alternative health choices available and especially the ‘Homeopathic Choice’. Without a choice, people have no options, but when they have options, they can make informed choices.

For more information about the CCHR click here.

if you would like to know more about a personalised health plan for you or a family member please click through here.

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