Seeing the Remedies in Your Children

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Do you recognise your child here?

Quotes from Paul Hurscu : The Homeopathic Treatment of Children

Calcaria Carbonica children are unable to change their minds quickly. They are self willed and do things at their own pace when they choose to do it.

The calcaria carbonica baby likes to be rocked very hard with a degree of force whilst the pulsatilla baby requires a gentle swaying motion.

Calcaria Carbonica and Silica children love hats while pulsatilla children hate hats.

Fever with heat and dry head is belladonna, fever with heat and sweaty head is calcaria carbonica

Calcaria Carbonica children love sweets, ice cream, pasta, bread, potatoes and cheese

Lycopodium children awake hungry and always arrive in the kitchen first for breakfast.

Whilst pulsatilla and calcaria carbonica children bounce out of bed happy, lycopodium children can be irritate and moody on waking.

Natrum muriaticum children are always well groomed, sulphur children on the other hand always seem to be untidy and

Natrum muriaticum children sleep on their left side whilst lycopodium and phosphorus children sleep on their right side.

Phosphorus children are naturally leaders because they genuine love of others while sulphur children are leaders because they of their sheer mental strength.

Phosphorus children are very enthusiastic about a new environment whilst calcaria carbonica children will watch everything first before carefully joining in and lycopodium children will not want to be there at all.

Phosphorus and sulphur like ice cold drinks while lycopodium and pulsatilla are not usually thirsty and calcaria carbonica and natrum muriaticum people are very thirsty.

Emotions flow freely in the pulsatilla child while natrum muriaticum children control their emotions and prefer to be private when upset.

Pulsatilla children are neat and tidy in a cute way whereas natrum muriaticum children are perfectly presented in a more serious, grownup fashion.

Pulsatilla children become possessive over their parent’s time and love. They can become manipulative by turning on the tears.

Sulphur has the intense curiosity that can overcome any fear of new surroundings.

If your child seems always to be messy with hair flying in all directions, clothes all over the place … think of sulphur.

Sulphur children will grasp the rules of the game a lot quicker than most other kids.

Calcaria Carbonica children need to know WHY things work the way they do whereas sulphur children need to know HOW things works.

Sulphur children are fiercely independent, pulsatilla want to keep close to you all of the time, phosphorus are confident and natrum muriaticum are well behaved and obedient.

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