Remedy Pictures for Children’s Fears

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Remedies for children who suffer from Anxiety and Excessive Fears.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to be able to help our children when they are suffering from anxiety or from excessive fears. In order to find the right remedy which will help them we need to put together all of the information that we can.

To begin looking for a remedy, begin by collecting all of the emotional and physical symptoms you can. So when your child becomes anxious, do the suffer from tummy aches? Do they stop eating or begin to have diarrhoea? Do they wake at night? Do they begin to have nightmares? Do they become more whinge and needy of your attention? Do they refuse to go out and play with friends or cry before school?

All of these aspects are important to note and need to be examined in detail because they way your children react will determine the remedy which will help them the most. Often you need to find a remedy which has 2 or 3 of the most important symptoms in the remedy picture.

Here are some good remedy starting points for you.


Physical symptoms may be worse between 4pm and 8pm

Physical symptoms often include digestive issues or tummy pain.


  • Being alone in the dark
  • Failure
  • Making mistakes
  • New situations
  • Strangers
  • Ghosts, skeletons, monsters, large animals, spiders, snakes and robbers
  • Hates to be alone because of the monsters out there or the animals that might bite them.

The child feels to weak to overcome these eternal forces and this is confirmed by the fact that most of the fears disappear when an adult is present.

Lycopodium often fits children who hurry their homework making lots of mistakes, have a poor attention span and are often dyslexic. They may be restless and unable to sit still, they may want to touch everything in the room. Often they want to eat every two or three hours and craving sweets or sweet foods.


Fears the dark and ghosts, loud noises and thunderstorms. Fireworks can be frightening, Doctors and hospitals also create anxiety in the child. Often better from hugs and physical contact. Phosphorus can’t help but talk about the fearful things in detail and with an overactive imagination, their accounts can seem terrifying.

Because of their sympathetic nature, phosphorus children will often become anxious for the sake of others.

Physical symptoms developed from fears may include digestion issues although often are heart palpitations, perspiration, diarrhoea, restlessness, asthma attacks or breathing issues and sleeplessness.


Pulsatilla children are often “set off” by food dyes, food sensitivities causing hyperactivity around the house.

Their fear include fear of being abandoned so hate to be left on their own or dropped off somewhere and watching their parents walk away. The pulsatilla child often develops illness after a shock of being left, a death or a separation. They might suffer from fear of losing a parent’s love

Dreams of robbers or being kidnapped so often are afraid to go to bed, or wake up crying because of their dreams.

The image of the child sucking their thumb, cuddling their favourite toy making their way into their parents bed in the middle of the night is quite often pulsatilla.

All things better from consolation. Pulsatilla children loves attention and being comforted or rocked. Their sense of security is very important to happiness.

Calcarea Carbonica

Children are over sensitive and vulnerable. During illness they become very clingy and demand constant attention. When well they are strong willed more independent and able to play on their own.

Fears include:

  • The dark and of shadows,
  • insects and spiders,
  • heights
  • dogs
  • thunderstorms.
  • They also may be afraid of people approaching noisily or too quickly and may develop a fear of narrow or enclosed spaces.

These children hate the idea of plans that are changed unexpectedly or at the last minute. They like their routine and they like knowing what is going to happen. They often interrogate their parents to the schedule of the week, who, when, why and what. In any new situation, they appear nervous.

They may fear accidents or traumas of others if they are late for any reason.

Natrum Muraticum

Anxiety is big for nat our children who need to know what is happening around them.

Their fear may lead them to try to control events. They are irritated by loud noises and by excitement. They ask many questions about forth coming schedule and may argue and try to change the order of events.


  • Thunderstorms
  • Insects, snakes, spiders, bees
  • Heights
  • Something will happen
  • They resent consolation and don’t show feelings of insecurity easily. They often appear sulky and don’t want to discuss issues or feelings.

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