Remedies for Nightmares

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I love reading through all of my repertories and collecting specific examples of rubrics (symptoms descriptions) which are going to be useful for you as a first aid prescriber and for me as a homeopath

One of those topics is dreams. What do we dream and how do we dream it. I often explain to people that it is our emotion during a dream that is important rather than the topic. I haven’t studied dreams in detail so I am not able to interpret dreams. But what I can do is find a remedy to help you through your dreaming.

I have put some of these finding on the Homeopathy at Home APP. If you haven’t got this yet you can find it on google play and the APP store. It is still free if you download it now.

So with various pages with rubrics and remedies to help improve your sleep, I thought it might be interesting to read through some of the rubrics for the different topics of dreaming. You might find that it help distinguish between choosing one remedy or another, so also check out what is happening before sleeping and also when you (or your child) awakes so that if you have two or three symptoms pointing to the same remedy you know you are onto a winner!

Homeopathy at Home App

Dreams of:

  • Robbers = Natrum muriaticum
  • Mice = Colchicum
  • Ghosts = Cocculus, sulphur
  • Future events = Dulcamara
  • Giants = Belladonna
  • Hiding from danger = Lycopodium
  • Hair falling Out = Magnesia Carbonica
  • Losing way to your house = Magnesia Carbonica
  • Monsters = Aconite, Aloe, Belladonna, Calcaria carbonica, Phosphorus, Stramonium

Remedies for waking with particular emotions

  • With anger = Chamomilla or lycopodium
  • With anguish = Bambusa Arundinacea
  • With Anxiety = Aconite, Agaricus, Phosphorus, Zinc
  • With Confusion = China
  • With wounded honour = Ignatia
  • As from a call = Dulcamara, Kreosotum, Sepia

And physical feelings include:

  • As if the bed were moving = Lac Caninum
  • As if unable to move = Lycopodium, Silica
  • As if pulled by the nose = Natrum carbonicum
  • Singing in Sleep = Sulphur

Waking at the same time each night also are useful indicators although you will have to tie the remedies in to other symptoms to be able to choose between one or another:

  • Midnight from pain = Arsenicum
  • 1am to 2am = Rumex, Lachesis.
  • 1.30am – 2.30am = Selenium
  • Before 2am Ferrum met
  • From the cold at 2am = Natrum muriaticum
  • From the full moon at 2am = Ozone
  • From toothache at 2am = Natrum sulphuricum
  • 3am to 5am busy mind = Calcaria fluorica
  • 4am from headache = Stramonium
  • 4am from toothache = Natrum carbonica
  • 5am needing urgent stool = Aloe or Sulphur
  • 7am from dreams = Lycopodium
  • 7am from hunger = Lycopodium

On the app you can also look up

  • Remedies for Insomnia
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  • Remedies for Bedwetting

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