Q&A About Homeopathy and ADHD

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Commonly Asked Questions

How does homeopathy help ADHD?

Homeopathy can help sufferers with ADHD feel more comfortable with themselves and the world around them. Here are some things that the parents of the children I have helped have said to me:

How do you select a remedy for children with ADHD?

Remedies are chosen by assessing the symptoms experienced and the way the symptoms are expressed, so everyone with a diagnosis will have a different combination of symptoms and emotional expression, so their remedies will be different. Some remedies help with specific symptoms and others help build resilience and strengthen overall health. Some remedies work at addressing the original cause of the health disturbance and other remedies help balance emotional trauma that may be effecting responses and confidence.

What is needed to ensure the best improvements?

A full health history is needed to see the complete picture of health. A homeopath will then work with you, helping you collect the specific detail of symptoms and emotional responses that are needed to distinguish between the remedies as changes occur along the healing journey.

How much improvement will we see?

As each person is different and experience their symptoms in a different way, so the journey of healing is individual too. We usually see a big improvement in the patient being more comfortable with their life and those around them. We hope to see their frustrations and anxieties lessen and see improvement in social situations, sleeping and eating habits. We often work on relationships, interaction with others, confidence and self esteem. In some cases it may be necessary to work with other family members to help build new, more positive responses on both sides.

Do we have to stop all other treatment for homeopathy to work?

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body to change the response, often other natural remedies and practices work well with it. Sometimes it is beneficial to stop other treatments if they are affecting each other but this is something your homeopath will discuss with you and will depend on what is happening and if there is a maintaining cause which is stopping the effectiveness of the remedies. A Homeopath will not take you off medications prescribed by your Doctor. This is something you have to do with your Doctor.

It sometimes is necessary to consider altering your diet if it is believed to be detrimental to your health and to the effectiveness of the remedies.

Are there side effects with homeopathic remedies?

Generally no, the remedies are used to stimulate the bodies own self healing system. Occasionally we might experience a return of old symptoms as we unravel the layers of health. This is a good sign, a sign that we are working back through suppressed symptoms, that we are teaching the body how to react and to expel them. These symptoms are generally very mild and short lived. We know we are on the right road to healing if we see this but for most people nothing is noticed.

How do I get the Remedies?

The remedies come from homeopathic pharmaceutical companies. They come as pillules which are really easy to take. The remedies may be repeated for a few weeks or months but you will not need to take them forever. The remedies work by getting your body to have a different response and so it teaches the body a new way to react and therefore the symptoms do not return.

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