Layers of Health

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Your Levels of Health

Your health and vitality will have an effect on how you respond to the remedies. If you are generally healthy, you will recover much faster and more easily than if you are more chronically ill and have been suffering for years. In these chronic cases, healing will take place with a sequence of remedies over a few months or sometimes it takes several years.

The potencies of remedies will be chosen according to your vitality and sensitivity to help you through your levels of health.

When you work with a homeopath, you will be asked for a full health history so that the homeopath understands what has been happening and how you have been responding physically and emotionally throughout your life. You will then be asked to explain, in detail, the symptoms you are currently experiencing. From all of this information, the homeopath will be able to determine your current health level which will help him choose the most appropriate methodology for the remedies as well as the potencies which will be most effective for you. The 12 Levels of Health George Vithoulkas explains in detail his theory of twelve levels of health with the first being perfect health and the eleventh and twelfth levels being the end of life stages. The levels of health indicate the strength and therefore the reactions of your immune system. He explains how you are more susceptible to disease at particular health levels.

An example is the level 2 to 4 are much more likely to have staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, flu and other bacterial infections where as at level 7 to 11 you are unable to reach a high fever or get hyperthermia even when exposed to particular bacteria and infectious diseases because your body just cannot react in the same way. You can understand how your health history gives such important information which helps determine how to prescribe the right remedy for you.

Old Symptoms Returning In order to heal, we also need to address the LAYERS of health that have been suppressed over the years. We will be looking for signs of old symptoms returning. This is a good sign and means the body is now able to express those symptoms and able to create a more appropriate response to them.

An example of symptoms being suppressed is a child with eczema. They might be given steroids and the eczema disappears but then they begin to suffer with asthma. Again steroids are given in the form of inhalers and the symptoms subside. Unfortunately the original problem has not been addressed and so the body throws out more symptoms, this might be in the form of arthritis as a young adult. If these symptoms are then also suppressed the new symptoms that follow might be more serious and closer to the vital organs. Thus, when a patient comes to see a homeopath with arthritis or a heart condition, we know there is much more to heal than just that one complaint.

With the right sequence of remedies we will first address the symptoms now presenting and then we will go deeper and further back in the health picture to address the original symptoms that might have been suppressed years before.

We usually see an old symptom re-emerging for a few days but without the intensity of before. Left untreated now they usually disappear without further problems.

Direction of cure Just as the original, first symptoms experienced were the furthest from the vital organs, the level of cure will also take your symptoms away from the vital organs. So as we help balance the heart, the liver, the digestive system and other internal organs, we sometimes see new symptoms emerging that are further away such as in the limbs or in the skin. This is a good sign and is known as the direction of cure.

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