Homeopathy is More than Just Medicine

Nov 13, 2021 | Learning, Natural Health, Remedies, Self Care | 0 comments

Homeopathy is more than just a natural medicine

I recently read a little story that really got me thinking. It was the answer to the question … as a Homeopath … What is it you do?

After all of the media attention homeopathy has been receiving about the vaccination choice, I have been wondering why homeopathy is seeing such a surge in popularity at the current time. Personally, my clinic gets busier each month, as more people experience good results, more people are willing to try it. As more people experience no joy from their usual Doctors, more people are reaching out and asking well what other choices do I have?

As the papers continue to “villainize” homeopaths for giving people a choice, they are also report a growth in homeopathy of a whooping 20% a year… wow! Is this because the internet provides a platform to research alternative health care options or because it is giving homeopaths a voice? Either way, I can see why pharmaceutical companies are getting twitchy. Imagine what their shareholders would think if they sold 20% less medicines than last year.

So what is it that I do as a Homeopath?

Firstly, I offer people a choice in their health care. People can choose the normal, Western mainstream medicine, or they can choose a more personalised, natural medicine that doesn’t give side effects. But there is more to homeopathy than this. It also helps you get to know you a whole lot better. Homeopathy provides a platform to learn about your symptoms.

When you book in to work with a homeopath you had better prepare yourself in a lesson about you and your body, because I ask a lot of questions. I also ask you to watch for signs from your body, to begin listening to those signs and even to begin interpreting those signs. Homeopathy is a health journey. Quite often it takes you through your health history, sometimes it brings up old symptoms that were not properly resolved years before, sometimes it brings up old emotions that you experienced previously in life.

I help people to reboot their own self healing system so that their bodies have a much better chance of having the right reaction to an event or a trauma. I help people learn to understand their symptoms and learn to join the dots of the messages to find the cause of the health imbalance. I help people recognise and address the emotions that lead to health imbalance and to learn new ways of responding to the stress around them.

By asking questions about your lifestyle, your diet, your health history and your emotions, I ask you to question what is happening and why. We all have a choice, but only when we know there is a choice and we have the power to recognise and the ability and strength to go down a different road.

By providing a safe place for you to get to know yourself and your emotional and physical reactions, you are able to change the way your body works and teach your body to self correct and rebalance itself. The whole process makes you question things you might have taken for granted. Homeopathy puts the power back into your hands. It helps you take back responsibility of your health.

With this power, and with this knowledge, it is only natural you will begin to want to know more. Suddenly the door has been opened and you can see through to more options. You begin to learn more and you begin to grow. And then you realise you are not alone, there are thousands of people looking and learning.

Times are changing, with the internet has come knowledge, and with knowledge we have a choice!

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