Homeopathy for Eczema

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Gentle, Natural healing of Eczema in Babies

Personalised Medicine

Homeopathy has been used as a personalised medicine for over 200 years. It is now the second most popular form of medicine in the world after Chinese Medicine. It is made from natural substances and works with the body to promote self healing and strengthen immunity. The people that seek out homeopathy are those looking for a more natural healing process than mainstream medicine usually allows. Often people come when they have tried everything else. They may have had bad reactions to other forms of medicine and feel that they need to find a personalised medicine that is more gentle on the body, has less side effects and leaves them stronger not weaker. For more information about homeopathic scientific research please click through here: https://hpathy.com/scientific-research/research-in-homoeopathy/

Case Study

When Oliver’s mum (I have changed the little boy’s name for identification purposes) first came to me to ask how homeopathy could help her son, I knew I would have to move slowly through healing for this sensitive soul. Oliver was a happy 14 month old strong willed little boy but currently losing weight and struggling. Having had severe eczema since 2 months old, he was swaddled continually to prevent scratching and bleeding of his head, limbs and torso. This is what his mum said ” I have spent thousands of dollars on every Doctor, practitioner, vitamin supplement and special diet for me whilst breast feeding and had tried every special crazy expensive formula too” His itching was immense. He had developed several techniques for scratching his head or limbs despite being restricted in movement. He could find a way to rub the scabs on his head, he would caterpillar along to rub his itching limbs or snuggle in deep to his parents to rub another itchy part. But his skin wasn’t his only health issue. He had many many allergies, most foods he tried to eat would bring him out in hives or swollen mouth or face, Being outside would make his skin worse and his nose run, being hot would make also bring him out in more rashes. He was allergic to dust which would make his nose pour with mucus, food would make his lips swell, water would make his skin red and burning. He had spent a good deal of his life in hospital but he continued to lose weight. Not surprisingly, Oliver was clingy and created a fuss when left even for a moment. His skin was either dry and snow flaky or with oozing scabs. Recently even water was making his skin worse.

Failure to Thrive

When I first saw him, he had a streptococcal virus and herpes covering his head. He wasn’t sleeping, he could only have breast milk because of the food allergies and he was failing to thrive. He had diarrhoea constantly and was having problems breathing whilst sleeping. His moments of being unwrapped was down to 10 minutes or less before he had to be swaddled again. I could only imagine how difficult it was for mum and dad to be looking after such a poorly toddler along with his brother and sister as well. This poor little babe needed holding and nursing constantly. It was more than a full time job for both parents.

Homeopathic Remedies

For the first few weeks we worked with dulcamara in low potency daily. Oliver also had a miasmatic remedy to begin addressing the inherited susceptibilities that had passed down to him from his parents. Both his mother and father had lots of allergies. After his first few weeks of homeopathy, he began to put on weight and we knew we were off to a good start. We needed to go slowly with the skin, stopping the remedies when there was the slightest change and restarting when symptoms flared again. We tackled colds and coughs through the winter season and each time we met, Oliver was stronger, he was becoming his own little person and was becoming more and more resilient. His skin was better overall but still had outbursts of scabs and infections, blocked noses and persistent coughs. As his health picture progressed with new acute symptoms and fevers arising we worked through a few other remedies including mezereum, arsenicum and calcaria carbonica. His skin improved, suffered less with infections and began eating more foods. We are still working to build his resilience to the food and environmental allergies but it is easy to see that the stronger he is the more resilient he becomes. We still have a long way to go to ensure Oliver will be able to eat a normal meal and be able to play in the sun without being affected but his skin, digestion, sleep and strength are continuing to improve day by day. Mum’s Quote

“When I approached Mary, our little boy had been hospitalised due to severe malnutrition and failure to thrive . He had been on a feeding tube for around 6 months. He was so itchy he was swaddled 24 hours a day to stop him scratching himself. We finally decide to try homeopathy … now our lives are so so different!”

Allergies and Sensitivities

So why are so many people becoming more and more sensitive to the foods we eat? Allergies and sensitivities seem to be getting more and more prevalent in today’s society and the reasons for this are varied. FARE (food Allergy Research and Education) are saying that 1 in 13 children in the US are allergic to particular foods. Research says that food allergies are on the increase. FARE provides up to date information on what is happening: https://www.foodallergy.org/life-with-food-allergies/food-allergy-101/facts-and-statistics Homeopathy is proving to be really useful in helping eczema for babies, infants and children. The British Homeopathic Organisation have explained more about how Doctors are using homeopathy for the treatment of eczema in children. https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/charity/how-we-can-help/articles/conditions/e/managing-eczema/ If you would like to find out more about how homeopathy works to heal eczema in children then book a 15 minute introduction with Mary.

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