Homeopathy for Dogs

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Homeopathy is great for dogs

Homeopathy is a safe natural medicine which can be used at home to treat your animals.

You need to get used to understanding how your dog is reacting, What is different? What is he experiencing?

Know your Dog

With humans, it is fairly easy to ask ourselves, what are we feeling, what are we thinking, what do we really think is the problem here? With our animals it is a little different. Or is it?

If you know your dog, you know how she can manipulate you but doesn’t ever try it on with your partner, or you know that he might be aggressive with the postman but soft as anything with Auntie Molly. You know how he will react with the neighbours dog Buster as you walk past and you know that he likes to have a bit of gravy with his food and 3 treats before you leave him and always remember to close the curtains when the scouts go past on a Thursday night because their high pitched screeching really winds her up.

These examples will be different for each of your animals, and each peculiarity is important and noteworthy when it comes to homeopathy. This is what makes your dog individual and special. Your interpretation of your dog’s personality or ‘canineality’ will be one of the deciding factors when choosing your homeopathic remedy.

When you address the cause of the symptom, you are stimulating your dog’s energy, their vitality, their spirit, driving force, healing energy, whatever you wish to call it. In order to begin healing they will need a little more energy and this is what you will notice first. After giving a remedy, the body perks up a little, then you notice things begin to get better.

If you take a homeopathic remedy you may feel something deep down change, you might feel an energy change, you might feel a shift, it might happen within minutes or hours or over days or weeks. Each remedy is different and more importantly, each person or animal is different. This is personalised medicine, individual treatment for each and every one of us.

The first three prescribing rules:

  1. Learn to notice – each individual peculiarity is important.
  2. Every symptom is related – bring into consideration the dog as a whole – not just one symptom.
  3. Make sure that the vital factors are met – the correct diet, the correct exercise and the correct environment.

So, provided we can choose the correct homeopathic remedy for our dog, the medicine chosen will encourage the self-healing mechanism to begin healing from within. It will be chosen to help treat the cause of your symptoms, not the symptom itself.


Homeopathy doesn’t relieve your pain; it goes to the cause of your pain and helps rebalance the body for long term improvement in health. The physical symptoms you experience, are a way for your body to tell you something is wrong. They could be considered as a message from your body, bringing to your attention that something is amiss.

Homeopathy looks at addressing the cause of the problem. This means that the healing is long term and begins from deep within. You will firstly see that your dog has more energy, then they may begin to react slightly differently to events during the day and then you realise the physical symptoms are diminishing. Homeopathy gives you the opportunity of rebalancing the body for long term health and wellbeing.

Injuries and Wounds

For most injuries and wounds, we can prescribe homeopathy on the symptoms we can see. Often there may be three or four options for each issue so we still need to collect all of the information we can in order to select the correct remedy. With homeopathy we will consider all of the symptoms together to select the remedy that has a picture that best matches the symptoms we see.

Here is a list of first aid remedies you may consider for accidents or injuries for your dog.


Use after a shock or trauma. Aconite is a really useful remedy to have in your cupboard. For any sudden onset symptoms. Anything that causes shock may be helped by Aconite. That will include – being scared, hurt, or traumatised.

(Emotional symptom so higher potency) 200c or 1m potency.

Give 1 dose.

Apis Mel

For blisters, rashes or swelling that are red, sore, hot, shiny, puffy or painful to touch. Apis Mel is great for allergy reactions which results in blister type swellings, which are sore or itchy, red and swollen.

(physical symptom = low potency) 12c or 30c.

Give 1 dose then repeat in 2 hours if no change.


Helps heal sore or bruised areas. Give as a pilule or drops in water for promoting healing from the inside but can also by applied as a topical cream or tincture on unbroken skin.

Physical symptom = low potency 30c.

Give 1 dose 3 times a day for 3 days.


All injuries will heal faster with a few doses of Calendula given as a pilule or drops into water. It is a cleanser and can also be used as a wash on broken skin, abrasions, cuts, grazes and can be used with Hypericum.

Physical symptom = low potency 30c

Give 1 dose 3 times a day for 3 days.

Hepar Sulph

When wounds are infected and have smelly pus. Use Hepar Sulph (as a pilule or drop into water) for 3 days to begin the discharge of the pus then give a dose of silica to complete the cleaning of the wound.

Physical symptom = low potency 30c.

Give 1 dose twice a day for 3 days.


Injuries to nerves so anything crushed or trapped, injuries from barbed wire or splinter wounds.

Physical symptom = low potency 30c.

Give 1 dose twice a day for 3 days.


For puncture wounds from any cause.

Physical symptom = low potency 30c.

Give 1 dose twice a day for 3 days.


For expelling foreign bodies such as splinters, dirt, grit, pus, or sharp objects. It can also help to heal scars, abscesses and help complete the healing of infections. It follows Hepar Sulph well.

Physical symptom = low potency 12c or 30c.

Give 1 dose twice a day for 3 days.


For lacerations and incised wounds including the eye. Really useful after medical procedures, barbed wire injuries, anything that needed stitching.

Physical symptom = low potency 12c or 30c.

Give 1 dose twice a day for 3 days.

Urtica Urens

For bee stings, nettle type rashes, for hives (anything that comes up in a nettle type rash)

Physical symptom = low potency 12c or 30c.

Give 1 dose twice a day for 3 days.


Pus filled sacs, phenomenal remedy for anal sac infections and chronic anal sac problems. Physical symptom = low potency 12c or 30c.

Give 1 dose twice a day for 3 days.

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