Homeopathy Clearing the Confusion

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How do you experience confusion?

Confusion affects us in different ways and at different times.

Is your mind confused because it is full of thoughts or are your thoughts blurred and your mind foggy. Do you get confused at particular times or does confusion make you hungry or hunger makes you feel ‘foggy’ headed? Is your memory affected? Do you become more anxious? Do you wake up feeling light headed or heavy headed? Do you find making decisions really difficult, do you find the world closes in around you when you are out in busy places?

When looking for a homeopathic remedy the way you experience your symptoms is how you can distinguish the remedy you need. If you are looking for a remedy to help someone else then asking the right questions will lead to particular remedies. To look for a remedy for yourself for confused mind might prove difficult in itself and lead to more confusion, so you might need to ask for help.

The main criteria to collect in the first instance includes:

  1. What is confusion for you?
  2. What does it feel like?
  3. When does it happen?
  4. What makes it better or worse?
  5. How often do you feel confused?
  6. What does your head feel like?
  7. Does it affect your body?
  8. How does it affect your day?
  9. How does it affect your sleep?

These are some of the remedies we use to help rebalance a confused mind. I have taken just snippets from the homeopathic materia medicas to give you an insight into the different ways we can experience confusion. You will see that it is important to note other symptoms at the same time to distinguish between the remedies.

Sabal Serrulata

Fears to fall asleep lest something happen, wants to be alone, thinking difficult, cannot grasp what is read, confused, indifference, impatience, fretfulness, wants to go away and die alone, dislikes sympathy

Nux Moschata

Impaired memory and confused mind, dreamy, bewildered, thoughts suddenly vanish while talking reading or writing, uses wrong words, entire loss of memory of past, changeable moods laughing or crying

Rhus Tox

Mind and senses become cloudy, incoherent talk, forgetful, cannot remember recent events, confusion of mind

Ambra Grisea

The memory is impaired, slow comprehension, awkward. Dwells on unpleasant things, cannot understand what one reds. Whilst in bed, mind as if in a dream, thinking is difficult in the mornings.

Arsenicum Album

Disturbed, anxious, restless sleep, suffocative fits during sleep, dreams of death sorrow and fear. Awakened by pain or violent starting that makes him jump out of bed.

Baptisia Tinctoria

Dull and confused mind, inability to think, indifference, aversion to mental exertion. Feels bewildered.


Mind rambling, nervous, excitable jumping from one subject to another then repeating. Thinks herself pursued, hated and despised. Derangement of time, sad in the mornings. Feels full of poison.


Aversion to mental exertion or to conversation. Anxiety as if they have committed a crime. Restless and agile


Confused, bewildered, loses himself in known places, fears of being poisoned. Sudden attacks of terror, scared to go out into the street. Awakes with fear of having a stroke

Conium Maculatum

Unable to sustain mental effort, weak memory, difficult in understanding what is read, timid, averse to people yet afraid of being alone. Disturbed and unrefreshing sleep

It is probable that confusion is only part of your health picture and you have other symptoms which run alongside confusion. In order to address the cause of the health disturbance you will find that working with a homeopath will be beneficial and your whole health picture can be taken into consideration when looking for the most holistic of remedies.

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