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Homeopathic Coaching for First Aid Prescribing

Homeopathy is safe for you to prescribe for your family. It is useful for all acute / first aid (symptoms that are less than 3/4 weeks old) incidents that happen. You can collect your own first aid homeopathic kits and learn how to treat your own family with your remedies.

It is a natural medicine which doesn’t have side effects and as long as you understand the principles of homeopathy you can successfully use homeopathy instead of over the counter medications.

I believe that homeopathy is about you taking back responsibility for your own health and learning to understand what your symptoms are trying to say to you. To have the knowledge and know how of understanding what needs to be done and the ability to find the right remedy, suddenly changes your whole relationship with your health.

Unfortunately many mainstream medicines act by suppressing the symptom causing it to go deeper into the body. But the body doesn’t just give up, it will send you a different message asking you to do (or change) something again.

The cause of the new symptom is still the same as the old symptom but the message is different because you didn’t listen to the first symptom.

The suppressed problem remains in your body, your body sends you messages but we have forgotten how to interpret these messages.

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