First aid Remedies for Skin Symptoms

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First Aid Homeopathic Remedies for Skin Issues

Homeopathic first aid remedies can help relieves the intensity of the symptoms in the short term. If the symptoms return please consult with a homeopath to address the original cause of the issues.

For first aid prescribing use 12c potency once or twice a day for three days .

Remedies for Hives

  • Apis is for burning, stinging hives especially on the face
  • Lycopodium is for chronic hives that keep recurring and are wore in late afternoon
  • Nat mur is for hives that occur after vigorous exercise
  • Rhus Tox is for hives with blisters which burn and itch
  • Urtica Urens is for hives on the arms and legs.

Nappy/Diaper Rash

  • Sulphur is very useful when the skin is very red and irritated. It may be angry with a rash or cracked. The skin may appear dirty looking. The child is hot and irritable.
  • Thuja is a useful remedy when the skin is cooler, the skin may appear blotchy and is usually worse after cold bathing.
  • Dulcamara when there are red spots and little boils.

Itchy and Dry Skin

  • Sulphur is for burning, red, itchy and unhealthy looking skin, worse when bathed.
  • Graphites is good for oozy and crusty eczema type reaction
  • Petroleum is useful for dry cracked and rough scaly skin
  • Arsenicum is good for itchy dry and scaly skin worse at night

Cradle Cap

  • Sulphur is good for stuffy, oily skin and hot scalp
  • Calc Carbonica is good for dry scaly scalp with a lot of sweating during the night
  • Dulcamara is good when the scalp has brown-yellow moist crusts
  • Thuja is used when the scalp is cool and the baby calm

Ring worm

  • Dulcamara when the ring worm is in the hair
  • Apis is used when the patches are red, swollen and itchy
  • Sulphur is good when the skin appears dirty or unhealthy

Herpes Zoster

  • Dulcamara when there are scaly moist eruptions on the face, hands and genitals and breasts
  • Arsenicum if it is dry rough and scaly, it may give the skin a shrivelled appearance
  • Merc viv is good when the rash is moist and have brownish yellow crusts with pimples around the main eruption.
  • Rhus tox is useful with large wheals of intense, swollen red patches that are dry hot and burning.

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