Examination Anxiety

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The Stress Of Exams

The time is upon us when our children, and some of us adults are getting stressed about exams. The way the stress affects us will decide which remedy will be most helpful for us.

As a first aid remedy take a pillule as needed, as you recognise that you are becoming short tempered or angry or irritable.
For first aid use choose 30c potency and take up to 3 times a day … but only if needed.
Watch your reactions and ask other family members to help. Don’t take a remedy if you don’t need it.

Argentum Nitricum

Timid and anxious of anticipation, apprehension and fear. Impulse to do things in a hurry. Dreads the ordeal. Melancholy, tormented by ideas and emotions. Believes that all his undertakings will fail, weepy having lost all hope. Memory weak, fear of examinations


Fastidious, fault finding, irritable. Tendency to ocd behaviours, oversensitive, extremely nervous, restless and anxious. Pulls hair, bites nails.

Calcaria Carbonica

Inability to apply oneself, low spirited, apathetic, apprehensive, depressed, melancholic. Angry with palpitations. Becomes confused, misplaces words and expressed himself wrongly. Self willed and obstinate. Sits and does nothing


Dazed, apathetic, desire to be alone. Mental dullness, weak and tired. Dreads an ordeal, stage fright, easy to anger.


Over sensitive and nervous. Highly emotional and moody. Changeable mood, frustration and irritability. ‘worse from consolation. Not communicative and desires to be alone. Intolerant of contradiction.


Loss of confidence, Poor self esteem, fear of breaking down under stress. Anticipation stage fright and fear of public speaking. Adverse to new things yet complete it with ease. Apprehensive, sensitive. Can be irritable, head strong and bossy when stressed. Weak memory, confused thoughts, brain fog.

Kali Phosphorica

Anxiety with nervous dread. Lethargy with lassitude and depression and despondency. Brain fog, forgetfulness. Fears about their future.

Nux Vomica

Overactive mind, nervous and excitable. Very irritable and cannot stand noise, light, odour or touch. Angry and impatient, sullen, spiteful and fault finding. Cannot bear conversation or reading. Becomes angry when consoled.

This is information about using homeopathy at Home for first aid or acute symptoms. That is symptoms that come and go quickly. If you or a member of your family are experiencing these symptoms on a regular basis or it has been going on for more than 10 weeks please consider working with a homeopath to treat the cause of the anxiety.

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