Disruptive Mood Dysregulation and Homeopathy

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Homeopathy & DMDD (Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder)

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder is a childhood condition marked by extreme irritability and anger as well as frequent and intense temper outbursts.

A diagnosis is often given to a child who displays many of the following behaviours for a period of more than a year.

  1. The child is irritable or angry for most of the day nearly every day.
  2. The parent will report, “I rarely see my child in a good, playful mood.”
  3. “My child doesn’t laugh as much as they should.”
  4. There are severe outbursts verbal, behavioural, or both at an average of three or more times per week. The outbursts are out of control and/or out of keeping with the situation.
  5. Slow development of the child at that age.
  6. Functioning issues due to broad range irritability.
  7. Over the top irritability at school, at home with family or even when playing with peers.

It often is not helpful getting a diagnosis and with homeopathy we want to help our children be more at peace with the world. We don’t need to wait a year, we don’t need a diagnosis. We can help our children change their reaction be addressing the original cause of the frustration and difficulty communicating that frustration.

We can often tell the miasmatic influence from the way the children vent their frustration. Understanding miasmatic remedies is not something you do for home prescribing. It is a technique used by homeopaths to treat the inherited susceptibilities. By treating miasmatically at this deeper level we often find that the other remedies given will now be much more effective.

Homeopathy is the only medicine which can help rebalance the disturbance that you have inherited. So for instance, many people suffering with allergies may find that someone in the family a couple of generations back had tuberculosis. Each generation conceived after the infection will have a disturbed immune system, an inherent weakness if you like. So although they haven’t been born with the actual disease, they may have been born with a weakness in the lungs or the throat. This means they will be more susceptible to asthma, tonsillitis or allergies. Homeopathy can see the patterns through the health history and the family medical history and can be used to build a better resilience, to strengthen those weaknesses and to rebalance that original disturbance.

When we are considering inherited susceptibilities we also will be considering the birth history to find out the relevance and experience the child had when entering the world. This, we know has a big impact on our child’s behaviour and can be helped with the right homeopathic prescription.

The emotions of a two or three year old will be based on not only what is happening now but also what they have previously experienced, whether that was in the womb, during their birth or their weening process or the time spent with their parents up until the current date.

Luckily with homeopathy, we do not need to know all of the details, we can tell by the way the toddler or child reacts now, which remedy will be of most use to address that original trauma.

We will also need to take into account the interaction with each parent and with other siblings. It may be that we need to introduce different reactions from each member of the family to help build new, stable, comfortable patterns which will ensure lang lasting improvements in behaviour.

Understanding the frustrations and reactions is one thing but in order to implement change we may need to consider other areas of the routine that could be fine tuned in order to begin the change process.

The great thing about homeopathy is that it helps us all learn more about ourselves, how we react to other reactions, when we understand the 2 way process we are much better prepared to enable change for the whole family and allow our children to shine.

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