Candida and Homeopathy

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Homeopathy can Help Address the Cause of Candida

Homeopathy can help reduce candida by addressing the cause of the imbalance

Candida is a naturally occurring yeast-like fungus that lives in our our intestines. Occasionally our body begins to produce more and more candida leading to candidiasis which is infection caused by candida. There are over a hundred different strains of candida in our body of which about ten can cause the main symptoms we associate with candida.

If you begin to have yeast type infections, you need to look at addressing the reason your body is producing more candida. If you take measures just to reduce the candida growth, your body will just instigate more growth unless the reason for the overproduction is addressed.

So what causes the overgrowth of candida?


Thrush is common during the hormonal changes in pregnancy, and is a common side effect to the contraceptive pillaged HRT. Vaginal deodorants and scented toilet tissues can also lead to these infections. Thrush is easily passed between sexual partners and between mother and baby during birth and breastfeeding. But why are some of us more susceptible to thrush infections than others? What is it that has caused our body to react in this way? By examining our health history we are likely to find that we have either inherited this weakness or our bodies have been effected by something we have been exposed to which has led to a weakness.

The Food we eat

Refined sugars and flours, alcohol, sweets and ice-cream all feed candida so our diet is extremely important to watch if you are susceptible to candida infections. Candida is often associated with food intolerances and when they are treated the candida infections subside too. If we can begin by watching how our body responds to the foods we eat, and if we can begin to make the adjustments to our diet which would be more beneficial for our bodies, we can begin to build a picture of how are body reacts to sugary and yeasty foods. This will help us ascertain what corrections may be needed to address the disturbance.


Antibiotics and steroid medications can depress levels of beneficial bacteria the gut which can give rise to candida taking advantage of the imbalance and multiply whilst they have got this opportunity. Allergy sufferers are often susceptible to Candida as well as people suffering from irritable bowel, chronic fatigue and diabetes. Looking at all of the medications you might have been exposed to, will help us find the course of action we need to follow to correct all of our gut health imbalances.

Environmental Pollution

Diesel fumes, household gas and cigarette smoke affect our natural immunity and disrupt our bacteria levels in the gut which again allows candida to take hold. Heavy metals are present in our bodies in small amounts, but when their levels rise these metals can become toxic. Candida binds the toxic metals so if we have metal toxicity we often find an increase in candida levels. By addressing the toxicity in our bodies, we find that our body will not need to keep producing candida and the levels will drop and our bodies will be more able to maintain a health balanced state.

Metal toxicity

Is caused by exposure to heavy metals or chemicals in our environment, in our foods, in amalgam fillings, in vaccinations and medications. We also might have been exposed to alumina used in cooking pans as well as the metals used in agriculture and manufacturing. We are able to test our metal toxicity with a hair sample. We can then use this information to begin a homeopathic detox of heavy metals.

Homeopathic Detoxing

This is carried out used homeopathic remedies and is also used to help our bodies balance the metals we are storing. This means as well as eliminating toxins, our body might also need to be encouraged to absorb more of some minerals so that the balance is corrected. This means homeopathy is not used to eliminate all of the toxins, in some cases it may be helping us to utilise the minerals in our body in a better way.

Here is a list of some of the physical symptoms you might be noticing if you suspect metal toxicity:

  • Tremors.
  • Memory loss.
  • Speech, hearing or vision issues.
  • Inability to concentrate, brain fog.
  • Loss of coordination.
  • Candida or yeast infections issues.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Chronic inflammation and pain.
  • Unusual mineral deficiencies.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Fertility problems.

Homeopathic detoxing of heavy metals will address the metal overload by aiding evacuation of the excess metals/minerals. It is a process you should undertake with your homeopath as you will need supporting remedies to take you through the process. You can order a hair analysis to check if you or your children have metal toxicity. The detox is an 8 week program, there is a hierarchy of toxicity so detoxes must be carried out in specific order if multiple toxins are suspected.

Homeopathic detoxes are generally easy on the body and so are preferred for young children and breastfeeding mothers than other ways of detoxing.

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