Calming Your Reactions

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Remedies to Calm Your Impulsive Reactions

How do you React when Stressed?

What can you do when you find you are tired, stressed and becoming more and more irritable with those around you? When you know that work pressures are the cause of your stress or the children are keeping you up at night do you know what is needed to bring you back onto that even keel.

Why is it, that when we are irritable we take it out on those around us. We are less able to communicate in our usual controlled, well meaning manner, we are more likely to get upset from the small things that are happening around us.

If health is a long line and we are somewhere along that line between poor health and optimum health, how can we learn to control our reactions in order to stay more healthy, or is it the case that our health determines our reactions at that moment.

We know that a healthy body and mind will allow us to cope much better with life around us. We know that to remain healthy in body and mind we must give ourselves all that we need to maintain optimum health.

Our bodies need:

  • nourishment
  • vitamins and minerals
  • sleep
  • exercise

Our mind also needs nourishment, vitamins and minerals, sleep and exercise.

By learning more about exercising our mind we can learn how control our thoughts in order to remain calm in difficult situations, remain stress free even when tired, and use our mind to reduce our feelings of anxiousness, stress and irritability. By understanding our reactions and where they are coming from we are able to consider changing them in order to optimise our health.

Homeopathy can also help us with our reactions during specific times in our life. Here are some homeopathic remedies that can help reduce stress and irritability depending on our reactions, when and how they are happening and their cause. You can see how the remedies each have differences that help match them to your own temperament. Often just one dose of 30c will help you feel more at peace with the world.

(For more information about prescribing homeopathy at home please see our course Which remedy?).


Explosion of fury and anger, wants sympathy but then doesn’t. Quarrelsome, impatient, intolerant of being interrupted. Aversion to talking, doesn’t want to be near anyone. Irritability, restlessness and anger. Very loud and can be in public

Arsenicum Album

Oversensitive and fearful. Fault finding and fastidious. Upset about disorder, germs and health. Anguish and restlessness, nervous and anxious. Hardworking and particular about every job done. Clean, tidy, organised often wanting perfection.

Nux Vomica

Overactive, nervous, excitable and very irritable. Works hard and plays hard and expects much from those around him. Often loud and confident. Gets angry and impatient with others, doesn’t want consolation. Sensitive to noise, light, smells and music.


Angry, sensitive, irritable, easily offended and miserable. Indifference to those around him, sad over health and domestic affairs. Constantly worries, frets and cries about their health. Confused. Often suffering from hormonal imbalances.


Loss of confidence, dreads failure. Starts from the slightest noise. Faint hearted and anxious, nervous and excitable, obstinate and head strong. Conscious about trifles, cannot express himself correctly. Mental acuteness with physical weakness.


Indecision with loss of confidence. Fear of breaking down. Awakes irritable and angry, sad or anxious. Becomes headstrong and bossy, domineering and fault finding. Has a love for power but doesn’t like taking responsibility


Irritable and depressed, the intellectual dreamer, difficult thinking or finding the right words, absent minded and forgetful. Lazy, hungry and tired. Tired of life, sad and selfish

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