Brain Fatigue

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What is Brain Fog?

Brain Fog / Brain fatigue Brain Fag

Brain fatigue is often described as a foggy feeling in the head, but many people experience it in different ways. This is really important because these differences will lead us to different remedies. We are looking for the remedy which best matches the way you experience the symptom, we also need to consider whether this remedy matches:

  • The time of day you experience the symptom
  • What makes the symptom better or worse
  • What other symptoms you also have
  • The exact location of the symptom or the pattern if it changes location
  • Any rare or peculiarities of the symptom.
  • These are some of the ways people describe this symptom.
  • As if the brain is heavy
  • Like a weight on the Brian
  • As if hot water has been thrown on the scalp and is seeping down to the brain
  • As if the brain is loose
  • As if the brain is numb
  • Dullness of the brain
  • As if the brain is squeezing then relaxing
  • As if the brain is swelling
  • As if the brain is wrapped in a fog
  • Lack of mental power

Mental Dullness:

There are many remedies which can help with mental dullness . Choosing the right one for you will depend on the other symptoms you experience and how you experience them.

To give you some examples of dullness rubrics(rubrics are how you experience the symptom):

  • Dullness of the brain from cares of the business indicates phosphoric acid
  • Dullness of the brain whilst in company indicates platina,
  • Dullness during a conversation may be silica or staphisagria
  • Dullness after breakfast could be nux vomica, bapt or calad.
  • Dullness after dinner would be carb an or mag c
  • Whereas dullness during dinner is more likely to sulphur.
  • Dullness after humiliation would likely be staphisagria
  • Dullness with girls during puberty is more likely to indicate apis

Examples of remedy choices for Mental Power and Memory


Loss of memory, sense of duality, dimness of sight, fearful, irritable and easily offended


Mental dullness, dizzy, drowsy, droopy. Answers slowly and with confusion. Weak feeling, tired and delicate.

Picric Acid

Lack of mental power, brain fag, sits still and listless, does not take interest in surroundings. Anxiety after prolonged mental strain.

Phosphoric acid

Impaired memory, listless, indifferent to everything around, despair. Home sickness with inclination to weep. Settled despair.


Brain feels tired, loss of memory, apathy, weary of life, disinclined to work, worse from change in the weather.


Heavy feeling and stupid, dazed, slow in comprehension. Things seem unreal. Absorbed in reveries, deep in thought, observes nothing around her,

In order to find the right remedy we would usually want to match the remedy to more than one symptom. Whilst experiencing brain fog, I would want to know your emotions. I would ask you about happiness, grief and lack of emotion. I would want to know how you feel about yourself and how you feel about family and friends. You can see that finding the right remedy may be complex and may be difficult for you to do on your own.

In order to address the cause of the issues it will be necessary to work with a homeopath who can see areas that you might not see yourself. Together you will peel back the layers of health so that you can find and address the original cause.

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