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I am one of the lucky ones. I have a job that occupies my every waking thought and a family that allows my self indulgence in Homeopathic learning and teaching to the exclusion of many other activities. I have a lifestyle that allows me to be hyper work focussed whilst living a beautiful, peaceful, restful life. But it hasn’t always been like this.

I was always a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I wasn’t ever very good at following the masses. I considered myself a goat and not a sheep. I didn’t mind being different but I often felt unable to fit in with the people around me. I was the parent that turned up at my office still with the children in the back of the car, because I had forgotten to drop them off at school. I was the one that turned up at the party on the wrong day. I was the one that would find my keys in the fridge, the burnt remains of our meal in the oven because I had gone off to tidy the shed or would find that I had begun multiple jobs and completed none.

This was before I realised that for all of my limitations, (and I have many) I have some good qualities that I wouldn’t want to change.

I have always been able to think of solutions outside the box. I have never been afraid to try something new and different and I enjoy my life because I don’t feel pressured by other people’s rules. I am creative enough to find my own way.

Once I realised that being different had it’s own benefits, I began to enjoy my life a whole lot more. I stopped feeling guilty, I began to accept myself and my life.

At this point, things began to change. A series of amazing coincidences began to happen and allowed me to flourish.

I will share with you what happened to change my life so that I could be “The Very Best Me”. My first bit of luck was meeting and marrying an ex fireman. He taught me the skill of “life dependant filing.” From his knowledge I was able to devise a scheme which would serve me well in my home and with my family and friends.

This is something I will share with you if you need it in your life too. My system means that I always know where I have left things. (Not always where others would expect them to be, but I am able to find everything at any time).

The second huge development was studying homeopathy and relaxing into the never ending learning journey. I learnt how to be an unprejudiced observer, (this amazing skill just turns the rules of society on it’s head).

Another important learning lesson for me on this journey was to learn to listen with every fibre of my body! I learnt that I can make my own journey taking advantage of my skills and attributes, my hyper-focus ability came into it’s own.

I had found a square hole and suddenly I had a tribe where I felt at home.

My third element of good fortune was the discovery of Thought Pattern Management, (TPM). Learning the skills of listening, trusting and working with my subconscious to solve my memory issues and find the answer to any problems or decisions or unhelpful emotions I have. Thought pattern Management has helped me restructure my mind, thoughts, memory, goals and actions.
These three events have changed my life. And now I can help you change yours.

With the amazing help of homeopathic remedies to remove blockages, release old emotions and build confidence, and improve resilience both physically and emotionally, you are soon in a position to want to create new goals and ambitions. We will work together to set achievable milestones helping you on your journey to achieving your highest goals, ambitions and expectations that lead you to your perfect life. Using all of the skills that I have put together in my “Be The Best You” tool box, you will soon understand that your preconceived idea of your limitations actually allows you to be more more creative, more skilful, more determined and more resilient in many other areas.

Is it time for you to “Be The Best You?”

By combining homeopathy with “Though Pattern Management” and a few extra mind exercises, tips and tricks, you can learn to achieve everything you want to achieve in health, in work and in personal growth. You will begin the journey to be “The Very Best You”

So now is your opportunity.

I am able to offer your first consultation at half price during October.

1st Consultation lasts one and a half hours and allows us to go through your whole health history, your emotional and physical reaction to life. With a homeopathic prescription and the beginning of your TPM mind exercise training, you will be ready to decide the route you want to take on your healing journey.

Usual price £120 ($175) October booking will be HALF PRICE (subject to availability)

Book your first consultation … .save £60 ($90) and take the first step to changing your life.

Click on the link below to book at a time that suits you.

Mary Greensmith offers homeopathic treatment online.

Don’t wait any longer.
Do something today to change your tomorrow.

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