Abusive Children

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Abusive Children

Remedies for those who insult their parents:

When finding remedies to help calm the frustration associated with ADHD and ADD we can help make life calmer and more enjoyable.

The way children behave, what they say and what they do will help us determine which remedies will be most useful to help balance the upheaval going on inside. When you find the right remedy the frustration and anguish will be calmed.

These remedies are specifically chosen for children who are often unruly or rude to their parents. You can see that each remedy has different traits that you might recognise. You will then need to check other behaviours or physical symptoms to choose the remedy which covers the most pronounced symptoms. Here are some of the remedies we will consider:

Ammonium Carbonica

Timid with apprehension and anguish in the evenings. Ill humour and rudeness in the mornings, disobedient and unruly. Tendency to make mistakes when speaking. Great aversion to water.


Wants things then throws it down or refuses it when given. Cross and uncivil, quarrelsome, obstinate, impatient and intolerant of interruptions. Averse to being touched, Angry and frustrated, Aversion to talking, Omits words when speaking or writing, cannot bear people near him.


This child is very cross and does not want to be touched. Ugly behaviour, irritable, petulant, and dissatisfied. Can feel as if they have done something wrong may have convulsions if scolded.

Hyoscyamus Niger

Quarrelsome and sometimes obscene behaviour. Inclined to laugh at everything. Erotic behaviour. Huge fear of being alone, being poisoned or being bitten. Very suspicious, Rage with desire to strike, bite, fight, insult, scold or kill. May talk to imaginary friends.


Hypersensitiveness of all senses. Sensitive to bright objects. Angry and impatient with violent temper. Impelled to do reckless things. Rude, abusive, bites and strikes.

Platina Metallicum

Contempt for others, looks with disdain upon everyone and everything. Arrogant, proud, erotic, unkind, abrupt and quarrelsome. Irresistible impulse to kill. Wary of everything. Laughs at the wrong time. Fears death, screams for help. Feels she does not belong to her own family.


Fits of violent temper, wants to fight, throws anything at anyone without a just cause. Desire to use foul language, curse and swear. Every trifle irritates. Dissatisfied and restless. Thinking or talking whilst walking around. Sensitive to music,

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