15 Remedies for Your Pets

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Homeopathy works for your animals too

I used homeopathy for my animals long before I realised you could also use it for people. Most dogs hate the vets and most vet’s can’t help your animals through the emotional stresses they often encounter. Learning about how to look after your animals therefore makes sense and homeopathy has so much to offer.

Here are my top 15 favourite remedies I use for my dog Lilly.

Phosphorus 200c

Phosphorus is a great remedy for animals who are highly active, nervous and have lots of fears. It is my favourite remedy for fear of fireworks and loud noises. Use in a high potency just when needed (when you dog shows signs of distress).

Calendula 30c

After any scrape, scratch, cut or wound. Give 30c twice a day for three or four days

Hepar Sulph 30c

For any injury or boil that becomes infected or sore. It is the homeopathic antiseptic remedy. Also useful for itchy ears. Give one dose twice daily.

Apis 200c

A must if your animals have been stung by wasps or bees. Give asap and repeat every half hour for 2 hours. Also consider ledum.

Staphysagria 30c

To help keep away fleas, mites, ticks. Use one dose of 30c every month (just add to their water). Also useful after lacerations. give one dose after injury.

Cocculus 30c

Travel sickness, give a remedy an hour before going in the car then again just before and whilst driving if necessary on a long journey.

Nux vomica 30c

For eating rubbish (scavenger dogs or those greedy dogs that overindulge if given the slightest opportunity. Give one dose every 12 hours for three doses

Bryonia 30c

Cough (I have never had a coughing dog but would like to think I have a useful remedy if i were to need it). give twice a day for four days but stop before if the cough stops.

Pulsatilla 200c

For those dogs who don’t like to be left or have any form of separation anxiety. Give an hour before you leave and then again just as you leave.

Ledum 30c

For tick bites, puncture wounds and arthritis. Give twice a day for three days after incident.

Rhus tox 30c

The biggest arthritis remedy. Give once a day and stop as symptom changes then as needed.

Ruta 30c

For sprains and strains and ligament injuries. Give twice a day for five days.

Arnica 200c

For bruises and shock give one dose as needed.

Aconite 1m

The biggest shock remedy. Give one dose after an accident

Arsenicum 30c

Diarrhoea and vomiting, infection, virus or food poisoning. Give one dose and repeat if needed.

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