Homeopathic Prescription

Your homeopathic prescription will be emailed to you after your homeopathic consultation. It will include the remedies that you will need, a link to where to purchase them and details of when to take them.

Details of how to store and take your remedies are listed below. Your homeopathic prescription email will also include information about updating me with changes in your symptoms and how and when to repeat the dosing if that is recommended for you.

It is often necessary to let me know if any new acute symptoms arise between our consultations. This is because we need to know if the remedy is instigating changes or if your body is reacting in a different way. I will ask you to email me details of any new symptoms that occur after taking your remedies.

Sometimes you will be given a homeopathic prescription of just one homeopathic remedy to be taken once, other times, it might be once weekly or sometimes even daily. If you are in doubt or think the written email contains different information than during the consultation please let me know.

Occasionally, there might be difficulty in obtaining the remedy and so it is useful that I know about these difficulties so that I can find different sources if necessary. Please update me on any difficulties you encounter.

Taking Your Homeopathic Remedy

If you have been instructed to take the remedy dry then please do the following:
Pour one or two tiny pillules into the lid of the bottle or onto a clean spoon and pour them into your mouth. Suck the pillules.

One or two tiny pillules taken at the same time is one dose …. It would be the same if it were 5 or 6 pillules if taken at the same time.

It is recommended to take your homeopathic remedy when you have a clean mouth. This means not after strong flavours such as mint from teeth cleaning or strong flavours such as coffee. We suggest you wait 20 mins after having a strong flavour in your mouth.


The number of times you take the remedy is the dose. You might be told to take one, two or three doses. This is the number of times you will take and then repeat the remedy. You will be given instructions about dosing in your homeopathic prescription email.


The potency is the remedy strength, you might be advised to change potency after a specific number of doses of the remedy.

Storing Your Remedies

Store your remedies out of direct sunlight. Although your remedies may have an expiry date, this is as in some countries they are classed as a food items and by law they have to carry this expiry date. The remedies will still work after many years if kept away from direct sunlight and strong essences. Therefore we recommend you do not keep them with essential oils. We also provide EMF protection bags which may be useful to keep your remedies safe.

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