So What Do You Say When Someone Comes Up with The Placebo Conversation?

I asked my friends in our Homeopathy Group their most used answers to this question and they are happy for me to share them with you:

“On top of all the healing powers, and what if it is also placebo? Placebo cured and still curing millions of people”

” I am glad my dog knows what a placebo is and how to respond to one” . Good boy!

“Babies and animals don’t know anything about placebo and they are healed with homeopathy. ”

“Just placebo? Did you know about the surgeon who trialled the placebo effect? Placebo and surgery had equally effective results. Go placebo effect”

” 1) Have you used homeopathy personally?
2) Have you done any reading or research on homeopathy?
If the answer to these questions is “no” then I feel I don’t need to engage in further conversation with you!”

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