Fears and Anxiety go Hand in Hand

It can be heartbreaking for a parent to realise that the reason their child doesn’t want to sleep because they are too afraid to sleep.  This can also affect adults too. The reasons for the fear need to be understood so that the necessary changes can be put in place.  Fear and anxiety go hand in hand, we will need to understand what other triggers fires off your anxiety, when you first began having these anxious moments and what was their original cause.

Whether you are anxious about sleeping because you are afraid of nightmares or afraid of never waking again or afraid that your sleep won’t be the right sleep, it will affect you in a profound way that will make your daily life extremely difficult.  Again dissecting the details around the fear will help you determine what has got to change in order that you can go to sleep each night without anxiety.

When we consider homeopathic remedies for Fear of Sleeping, we need to spend some time thinking about how our anxieties are triggered and how we react to those around us.

Sabal serrulata
Fears to fall asleep lest something happen, wants to be alone, thinking difficult, cannot grasp what is read, confused, indifference, impatience, fretfulness, wants to go away and die alone, dislikes sympathy

Fears he will never sleep again.  Oversensitive and nervous, highly emotional and moody. Constantly frustrated.  Every sound wakes himWhimpering while sleeping. Violent yarning,

Rhus tox
Sleepless before midnight, restless tossing about. Dreams of blood or fire.  Awakens tired, stiff and sore

Sleepless from thoughts at night, restless night, very sleepy in the morning, needing short naps through the day, unable to get to sleep at night, wakes in the night with terrible fright, shaky and wanting to scream.  Very warm or sweaty in bed.

Fear to close eyes in case he never wakes up. Disturbed by violent starting, limpness and deep sleep after vomiting.  Examination failure from sense of incapacity.  Brain fatigue with inability to fix attention.

Fears going to sleep or even lying down for fear of heart stopping.  Restless, uneasy.  Sudden starts when falling asleep, wide awake in the evening.  Moaning and tossing during sleep

Great inclination to sleep during the day.  Drowsiness. Agitated, anxious dreams, restless tossing, jerking.  Angry mood with a desire for solitude.

Coffea cruda
Nervous sleeplessness from a rush of idea, mental activity.  Sleeps until 3am then only doses, wakes with a start.  Quick to act, acute senses, Cries and laughs easily.

Calcarea Carbonica
Ideas crowd the mind preventing sleep, same disagreeable ideas arouse from light sleep.  Nightmares.  Start at every noise.  Feels overwhelmed and exhausted.  Forgetful, confused, misplaces words and expresses himself wrongly.  Fears of being observed and of making mistakes.

Calc silicata
Sleep is restless, dreams of the dead, of fire and disease.  Shrieks during sleep, easily startled during sleep.  Lacks self confidence, fearful, anxiety about health.  Confusion of mind in the mornings

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