Improving Concentration, Increasing Productivity, Achieving Your Goals

I spend a lot of my time helping my clients achieve their goals by changing habits, improving focus and increasing productivity.  With homeopathy we have remedies that help clear the fog, help you get out of the rut you are in and begin to make the necessary changes in your life you need to achieve your goals.

This week we are looking at different tools and knowledge that I use to guide some of my clients and that you can use yourself at home. I often ask “What do you need to make the difference?” and the answers which come back are many and various.  Nowadays with the internet we can usually find some extra resources that help us fill the knowledge gap.  The issue is that searching takes time and energy and you don’t know how good it is until you spend read it. 

So this week we have a whole pile of additional resources available to you in an Ultimate Healthy Bundle.

The reason I have gone through a lot of the 97 resources is that they have got one of my courses is in there, so it is important for me to see what else is in the bundle and whether the rest of the information is going to be useful to you and give you the extra value you need to improve your health and vitality.  

So today is a little bit I have learnt from the brain section of the bundle.  I was looking forward to this section because stress is our number one problem that results in ill health. Stress creates both physical and emotional symptoms that affect most of the population on a daily basis.

I watched a number of the videos from the summit section. Here are my notes:

The first speaker was Heidi Hanna, I love these explanations and will definitely be using these with my life coaching.

Stress is what happens when demand exceeds capacity
This means that if we can increase our personal capacity we wont feel stressed with the same amount of stress that is entering our life right now.

Stress is stimulation that causes adaptation
This is saying stress is good, it is useful, so this infers again that we need to increase our capacity so that we can cope with a certain amount of pressure which will help us grow and achieve more in our life.

Stress can be used as possible fuel
This again is indicating that we can use stress to help us achieve more in life. We know that if you want something doing you give it to a busy person, because they have more capacity to achieve the job for us, so what do we need to increase our capacity to cope with the stress around us.

If you have read any of my write ups about the changes that often occur after a homeopathic consultation you will have realised the first thing that happens is the person usually feels calmer, the react to situations in a slightly different way, things that would have upset them previously no longer does.  This is one aspect of increasing our capacity to cope with stress, but there are other things that help you achieve this.  What other things can you do to increase your stress capacity?  How can you learn to navigate stress?

The first trick is
Think about your stress response
Your stress capacity, the current demands on your capacity
Either the demands or your capacity

Heidi says that stress is that everyday nagging feeling that there is not enough time to get everything done.  The choice you have is how you are going to cope with the amount on your plate?  What resources do you need? What can you incorporate in your life so that you can cope with what is being asked of you.

She then goes on to explain different daily rituals or routines that you can incorporate into your life to help you increase your stress capacity depending how stress effects you.

She explains how “Stressing is a blessing”  It is trying to help you realise that more is being asked of you than you currently have capacity for and you need to do something to grow your capacity tank.  Your need to prime your brain to think a more effective way, you need to make a friend of your brain so that you can understand it and manage it, you need to make adjustments to find the solutions for you.  

When creating new habits, Heidi explains how a 21 day challenge will help you change a reaction or a habit … you need to practice it, it doesn’t come easy at first so having a challenge helps you through those difficult few days and weeks until it becomes easier for you.

I then realised there was another video interview to explain about

Habit transformation for success
and how it is necessary to give yourself easy to achieve first steps, so that you break yourself in gently and don’t set yourself up for failure. 
You are aiming for long term sustainable results and you need realistic expectations of yourself in order to create new high performance health habits.

Reshaping your identity
When it comes to reshaping your identity you want to build an image of the person you want to be.  You want to consider your values in life so that you are living true to yourself and you are keeping on track to be who you really want to be.

There is so much in this section I could go on for hours … but if this is of interest to you … click through and begin your journey to creating the person you want to be.  To get you started there are a number of tips and tricks to begin incorporating in your schedule right now.

For additional resources The Ultimate Healthy Bundle has a whole pile of additional resources.
I am ploughing through as much as I can so that I can tell you about it …. There is lots of help for children too!

The bundle is available for 6 days at the beginning of September.  Because I have a course in the bundle, they have given me opportunity to go through it all in advance. Click through for more information.

There is also a whole section about gardening, veggies, chickens and collecting wild foods

In the bundle their are another 96 resources,  Just to many to mention in detail.  The other topics we haven’t go to yet include:

  • Lifestyle
  • Home and Garden
  • Brain Power
  • Food and Diet
  • Allergies
  • Healthy Children

And all of these resources are going to be just $37 … so now you know why i needed to tell you about it!  Just click through and register

Get your bundle now!
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