Learning To Fly

For those needing an extra helping hand to go further, to achieve life dreams, to get through difficult times, to plan achievable goals to reach the impossible … I offer ‘Life Coaching’ and ‘Support through Change’.

As a homeopath, I realise that sometimes you need a little more to be able to grow your wings and really fly. You might need support to:

  • Change habits that are no longer serving youMake those changes in your life
  • Define your goals and plan your journey.
  • Turn your ideas into actions
  • Inspire and motivate you to reach higher

My idea of the perfect world is living the life you want to live, being happy and healthy and fulfilled.  When you achieve this, you are then able to put back into the world and make it a better place for others.  In helping others achieve their goals of health and their goals in life, we will create a happier, healthy world for our children and grand children.

I have been extremely blessed with the ability to make things happen.   I am able to create the life I want to live, do the job I want to do and surround myself with the people I want to be with.   And I didn’t learn it all from a book, (Although I have read thousands of books).  I left home at 17 with £500 to my name. By the time I was 22 I had bought a little farm in Scotland without a mortgage so that I could be self sufficient.   When my children reached school age I took them around Europe in a camper van so I could teach them more about the world. Now I live on a boat, working as a homeopath whilst traveling. (more about boat life)

I love my life.  I am surrounded by people who inspire me, every day of work is another learning opportunity and I have an adventure every week.

If you are reading this now, you know that you have a choice in your health, the food you eat, the street you live in, the friends you hold dear.  You also know that to make changes you need motivation and desire, to build your dreams you need to have a vision of what life can be, to reach for your goals you need time and energy.  Most of all you need support and quite often your family and friends are not able to support you in a useful way.

I understand what it is to have a dream and I know how to plan to get there.  I am constantly amazed by how much LUCK comes your way when you work at your life strategy and you realise your life mission and you find the network of people to help you get there.

If you would like to know more about ‘Life Coaching’ and ‘Support through Change’.

please click here and Book a FREE Chat in my diary.

Homeopathy gives me so much joy, I love to help others find themselves and learn about natural medicines, more about how their body works and what they need to be healthy.  I often find that health comes with happiness, it comes with living life to the best of your ability, reaching higher to achieve your goals, but often we need help turning ideas into actions, dreams into reality, goals into achievements.

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I have always know that homeopathy has the potential to do major healing, but everything I had read said that the success of the treatment depends on the skill of the practitioner, and since our funds were very limited, I didn’t feel comfortable risking wasting money I didn’t have. I am kicking myself for not taking this leap years ago, both for my anxiety and especially for my son’s ADHD. Mary is very passionate about helping kids with ADHD and very experienced. I recommend her wholeheartedly. And on top of all that, her services are actually VERY affordable.  Over the years we have spent so much more in supplements and special diets, not to mention the stress of all that, you all know it.”

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