Happy Christmas …. here is a present for you

Here is a voucher to use against your next homeopathic consultation.   There is one per person, but book quickly because once my calendar is full thats it!

So what do you need to know?

You can have a look through this website and find out ll you need to know about booking a consultation, classical homeopathy and moving forward with your personalised health plan


Your 1st consultation 
£95 ($145)

Your Follow up consultations
£70 ($105)  for one person
£110 ($170) for two members of the family  (joint consultation)

Packages (available for follow up consultations)

Personal Package of 3 follow up consultations – paid in advance  £190 ($295) (one person)
Family Package of 3 follow up joint consultations for 2 members of the family – paid in advance (9 months expiry date) .     £290 / $450)

Family package of 10 follow up consultations – paid in advance £600 / $850
Family Package of 10 follow up joint consultations – paid in advance £870 / $1300 (18 months expiry date)

Family Consultations

I often work with both parents and children.  If you would like to have homeopathic treatment for all of your family we can work out a package that suits you and your family.  I will need to have an initial consultation for each member of the family. After that, we can have joint follow up consultations to keep your whole family in the best health possible.


Payment for your consultation can be in US Dollars, GBP or Euros.

You will be able to pay by Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

After the consultation you will be sent an invoice.  You can just click on the invoice itself and either select to enter your card details or to pay with a Paypal account.

My calendar …… 3 steps to book:

  1.  Select the type of consult you need (1st or follow up)
  2. Select your time zone
  3. Find a time that suits you.


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