Anxiety Management

Managing Your Anxiety

I often find that people need additional support if they are anxious.

We are all having to make major changes to our way of life right now.  For some of us, everything is different right now and that takes so much time and energy to get our heads around and work out how we can adapt.

But adapt we must.   There are no choices here.  We know it is for our own good.  We know we have to isolate, we know this is important.

My heart goes out to those of you who are trying to work from home and have the children at home too.  This would be near on impossible for me.  I need quiet … to work, I need quiet to concentrate and I need quiet to think.

Luckily for me, my children have grown and now have their own families, we are use to talking by video as they are spread across the world.   But separation is difficult when you are worried about health, world economy, and conspiracy theories.

Dependant on the way your anxiety affects your day to day living, there are a number of things you can be doing to help your through the daily trauma of your new life.

30 Ways to build your STRESS RESILIENCE

  1. Mindfulness (check some exercises on you tube – there are lots to choose from)


  2. Learn how to do a full body scan and begin doing it once a day to practice until it becomes second nature


  3. Learn how to control your breathing with simple exercises such as


    Breathe in for 5, hold for 5, breath out for 5. do this 5 times then breathe in for 6 hold for 6 breath out for 6.


  4. Breathing can trigger responses in your body so if this can become a habit that you can do automatically it will stand you in good stead. Breathing can lower blood pressure, stimulate hormone release and help induce sleep


  5. Learn how to use visualisation to concentrate on you and your future


  6. Learn how to concentrate on NOW not what happened in the past or what might happen in the future. When you are cooking – just cook, when you are walking, notice everything around you, fill your thoughts with everything you are doing right now.

    Cut out multi tasking – this is a lesson on how to do one thing. Multi tasking is easy compared to this.


Self care – even the busiest person needs to put aside time for relaxation.

6.  A hobby takes your whole concentration for something to do right now. Spend at least half an hour every day on a purposeful hobby

7.  Continue to learn something every day – it is a really useful way to concentrate the mind on NOW- a quiz, a puzzle, a crossword, a book

8.  Time for you – whether it’s five minutes having a cup of tea or 20 minutes in the bath with essential oils, go for a walk, read a book – make a special time for you – every single day.

9.  Take time to grow relationships and friendships – it will be time well invested. It is often the first thing we sacrifice when we become stressed and we should learn that we need time to socialise in order to think about other people, other things so that we can keep our issues in check and not let them overwhelm us.

10.  Do something that makes you laugh – every day. Watch something funny, read something funny, learn to giggle again. Laughter stimulates endorphins which promote health and make you feel better. Find something that makes you smile and start implementing it into your daily routine.

11.  Find someone to hug or a pet to stroke. It is very therapeutic and again stimulates endorphins which reduces pain and triggers positive feelings.

Complementary therapies that help Reduce Stress 
12.  Finding someone to help you through stressful times is very beneficial, even talking to someone can improve how you are feeling.
13. Massage – for stress relief
14. Osteopathy for pain management
15. Homeopathy to help you raise your optimum stress level so that you can cope with the pressures of life around you
16. Hypnotherapy – change the habit of stress and panic
17. Reiki for ultimate relaxation – no touch relaxation
18. Reflexology – to release any blockages of energy
19 Yoga for exercise, breathing strategies and balancing techniques
20. Aromatherapy to enjoy relaxation throughout your day, use aromatherapy oils throughout the house.
21. Herbal teas help digestion and help calm the mind.
22. Counselling or psychotherapy can help you address particular areas that you may be struggling with.

Specific First Aid Homeopathic Remedies to Reduce stress

Arg nit – anxiety before an event

Arsenicum album – worrying about health at 2am in the morning

Pulsatilla – fear of abandonment

Phosphorus – fear of loud noises, crowds and thunderstorms.

Aconite – fear of death, hospitals – or shock after a trauma

Coffea crud- help promote sleep

Rescue Remedy – a mix of anxiety reducing remedies

Gelsemium – helps relieve exhaustion

A quote from Gandhi – The more I have to do each day, the longer I need to spend meditating in preparation.

Change your Approach

23. When you change your reaction/approach with people, they change the way they respond and treat you.
If you consider for a moment a young child talking with friends and encouraging them to play a game the way she wants. Then think for a moment how that same child will react to an elderly relative or an unknown adult in the house.
The way they interact changes with each person they encounter. Likewise, if you find that someone has a tendency to be overbearing with you at work or at home, if you are able to create a new stance, you will find they will begin to treat you differently.
So if you are not happy with the way someone treats you, consider what YOU need to change in yourself, to change the way they treat you.

24. Create a never ending todo list and learn to realise you are not meant to complete it. 
Method :  Create your todo list with the most important at the top.
Cross off your achievements as you go.
At the end of the day, create a new todo list for tomorrow taking the things from today’s list that weren’t completed.   Put the most important at the top
Remind yourself how organised you are and how good you are at completing the most important jobs.

25. Stop worry what others think of you.  If they judge you it is their issue not yours.  Your issue is how you judge others. Learn that you cannot please everyone and you are the best person you can be right now!

26. It is not always about you!
Your ego tells you that others are judging you.
Consider for one moment that this is just not true.
Consider for a moment that this other person has their own worries which are much more important to them than you are right now.
If someone is sharp with you they may be have something really worrying on their mind and are just not focussed on you right now. 
If someone does not give you the response you expected it may because they are anxious about something else right now. 
Give them a chance, give them understanding, wait until a better moment, do not assume it is something you said or did, or didn’t say or do. 

27. Cut out the negativity.  Start seeing the other side of the coin.  Whenever you have a thought which is not helpful to you, imagine what the opposite to the negative thought is and say it five times to yourself. Picture the positive thought, see it, feel it, believe it and you will start to see things around you change.

28. When your children/family need extra attention, love and involvement, realise that all of the non important things you needed to do today can be done another time.  This is priority now, you don’t need to feel guilty because this takes precedence.  Understand the importance of the need and let the guilt go.  Make the decision to change your priorities today and feel pleased with your decision because it was the right call to make.

29. When you are thinking you should do something, think who is the should for?  Should, could, must,  Do what is right for you right now not what you think someone else expects of you.

30.  Love yourself for what you are.  Write down all of your good qualities.  See the very best you achieving everything you need to achieve.  See the very best you sailing through life with ease and tranquility.  Keep this vision in mind. Make your goal for the day to sail through your chores, making the right decisions, helping everyone around you with a big smile on your face.

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