“So thankful for Mary Greensmith and homeopathy!

From severe eczema head to toe, swaddled 24hrs a day, feeding tube, severely failure to thrive, to skin 90-95% clear, healthy weight, and running around like a normal 21 month old. We still have a little work to do but man, he’s a walking (or running ?) little miracle!”

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4 Year old Boy

“We were searching for help for our 4 year old son who has suffered since birth from
intense food allergies,
asthma & eczema,
recurrent chest infections including pneumonia twice  – once with a collapsed lung.  digestion problems,
soiling problems bed wetting
emotional / behavioural issues,
sleep disturbances,
and more.

Our main desire was for our son to be able to fight off viral infections without any more trips to hospital as he was regularly admitted with serious breathing problems. One was so severe that we nearly lost him.

Improvements within a week
We noticed positive changes within the first month of receiving homeopathic treatment with Mary. Firstly his emotional state. He has stopped crying in the mornings at school. something he had done for over 12 months. Then his bowels started to improve. His complaints of tummy pain has more than halved and continues to improve. As his bowels improve, he began to stop soiling himself, in fact he hasn’t soiled since. He began to sleep better through the night with disturbances only occasional instead of every night! Again this is still improving.

A Miracle
I have also noticed a massive reduction in his skin itching, I would say his eczema has reduced by 70% and continues to improve.  When he got a chest infection, we were concerned, but actually he got over this on his own.  That is without the use of steroids or antibiotics for the first time in his life! This is a miracle for us!

Energy Levels
Another huge improvement is his energy levels. He was getting exhausted after 5 hours being awake and would sometimes sleep for 3 to 4 hours in an afternoon as he just had no energy. This would make him agitated & frustrated & angry. This had a big effect on all of our lives. Wherever we were, we had to make sure he got that afternoon sleep. But now the afternoon naps have stopped! He began to develop more energy & I could tell he was happier.

The difference is incredible.
All these changes have really changed his life and in fact, all of our lives as a family for the better . I wish I had searched for Mary sooner. I cannot recommend her highly enough”.
May 2018


Auto Immune Diseases

Since starting homeopathy, just a mere two months ago, I am coming on physically and psychologically leaps and bounds. I am amazed at how much energy those little remedy pills give me and how my body is starting to heal itself.   My confidence is growing exponentially and I am starting to drive again after nearly three years without a car.  I am no longer in chains because of illness. People who haven’t seen me for several weeks keep saying in amazement at how well I am looking (including my GP) and I am certain that is because of the homeopathy.  
LC July 16


Anxiety and Confidence

When I plucked up the courage to seek help, the hardest thing to do was to talk to someone about my emotional problems. I think this is probably the same for most of us, but from my first meeting with Mary, she immediately put me at ease,  Always taking things at my pace. From that moment, step by step, the consultations and homeopathic remedies, I slowly gained confidence- a new kind of confidence I didn’t even know was inside of me. For me it has been like being set free, an amazing feeling, so if you are not sure about seeking help, Take the first leap of faith. You won’t regret it. Finally, a big  thank you  to Mary for guiding me through.   EI March 19



“I made an appointment with Mary to work on issues arising with my 9 year old son, regarding ADHD and some resulting sleep and anger issues.  Within about a week of taking the carefully selected remedy Mary prescribed, my son’s anger outbursts decreased substantially, and his nightly freaking out while going to bed went away.

He was previously having daily anger outbursts that included hitting things, yelling, and rude talk to family members and close friends.  Those disappeared about a week after taking his remedy. 

Before the remedy he would get all agitated every night at bedtime, convinced that he would NEVER get to sleep.  He had developed obsessive routines, but even those didn’t work to calm him.  We had tried dietary changes, every natural sleep supplement available, and lots of behavioural changes.  Nothing worked at all until his remedy cleared the issue. 

After a few weeks, the anger during the day started to return, but it was milder, quicker, and he was able to apologise and explain what had set him off, which had never happened before.  Mary decided to have him repeat his remedy one more time to see if we can get a longer period of no symptoms. 

I am incredibly confident in Mary’s prescribing, as we had previously not had success with previous tries with other caregivers.  When I read the remedy pictures for those Mary prescribed for my kids, I was astounded at the details and the perfection of the picture.  She chose remedies that I never would’ve found on my own, even though I have been dabbling in homeopathy for a couple of years, learning all that I could.”

PC Sept 18


Just wanted to let you know, my daughter won her Spelling Bee for the whole school. This is something she has wanted since 4th grade. She could never focus enough and lacked confidence to achieve her goal. I am so proud and thankful to say, this morning was a breeze. She’s headed to County this morning to compete. Normally she would have been in a full blown tizzy for days. She has been super calm, focused and ready to face her day. No crying, frustration, or irritation.

This is HUGE for us! This is huge for her!

I truly feel blessed seeing the improvements we have. It has been slow and steady but the results have been remarkable! Thankful there have been no side effects and I am getting my amazing daughter back that I knew was always in there!”


Concentration Deficit

I gave the remedy on Monday, a homeschool day. I honestly don’t think I can say I have ever seen my boy do better work than on that day! He was quiet (hummed only once briefly), did not whine once and focused on doing neat, clean work (his printing has never been so clear, normally he gets sloppy because he tries to move quickly and get it over with).  I walked away on multiple occasions and every time I came back he was still working and doing things correctly. As much as I whole heartedly believe in Homeopathy and its capabilities to work quickly and miraculously, I can’t help but think it was a fluke because it was SUCH an improvement from what our days normally look like when doing homework! 

Collapsed Lung

The impact of homeopathy has been life-changing if not life-saving for my daughter!!  I cannot recommend Mary enough for her sensitivity and knowledge.  I hesitate to use the word miracle as it may sound too good be true but that is what it feels like.  

After five emergency admissions with a collapsed lung, requiring life support, my daughter was referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital and we were told that she would probably be on and off antibiotics and in and out of hospital for 3/4 years.  She was managing school part-time, taking antibiotics almost permanently and missing many outside activities as she tired very easily.  

Her health has improved 200%, she returned to school full-time within a few weeks after our first visit, is living a very normal and active life and I am confident we will not be going back to hospital.
MN Jan 17

My Approach

For me homeopathy is about taking back responsibility for your health and finding the resource your body is asking for.  This means that during your consultation you will be given the resources you need to begin understanding what the symptoms are saying and what you can do to provide your body with what it is asking for.

You will begin to understand more about your own health as well as homeopathic remedies that suit your body.  Together we will be able to make the changes needed to reboot your own self healing mechanism.

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