Prescribing Homeopathic Remedies for Parasites

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Parasitic Worms in Humans

We humans might pick up worms at any time in our lives.  They may find their way into your body if you ingest the larvae which may be present in the food you eat or in soil that you ingest by accident, by breathing in the eggs in the air you breath or in the case of hook worms they may pierce the skin and enter the body anywhere. Homeopathic remedies (constitutional remedies or remedies promoting general health and well being) will help your body throw off worms and be less susceptible to becoming a host for parasites.

The most common worms that we are likely to find are

Trichinosis (Round worms)
Tape worms
Pin worms (Thread worms)
Fluke worms
Ringworm is a fungal infection and not a worm.
Scabies is a skin infection caused by a mite.

The symptoms you might experience with a parasite infection include:

Lack of appetite
Excessive appetite
Abdominal pain
Weight loss

Tapeworms may also cause
Bumps on the skin
Allergic Reactions

Hookworms may also cause
Itchy rashes

Trichinosis worms may cause
Muscle pain
Light sensitivity

With homeopathy we can help your body reject parasites.  We can choose the right remedy by matching the way you experience the symptoms with the remedy picture.   When choosing between the remedies read as much as you can about the remedy to make sure you select the one which most closely matches the way you experience your symptoms.

The remedies listed here are just a common selection which are often used to expel worms.  If however you are already having homeopathic treatment, your remedy might well be already working at expelling the parasites. The first you might notice you have been harbouring parasites might be as you expel them.

Potency and Dose

Choose a low potency such as 30c
Take one remedy a day for three days and repeat after 14 days. (This is to catch any eggs which may have hatched since your first prescription).
If you can do time your prescribing over a full moon period, so much the better.

If symptoms persist then you may have a maintaining cause which is not allowing the remedy to work correctly.  Please consult a homeopath to address the whole health picture.

Remedies for Parasites

Baryta Carbonica
Crawling sensation in anus Burning in anus Constipation with hard knotty stools Anus sore a moist

Roundworms or thread worms
Irritability Very touchy or very cross
Hard to please
Violent screaming attacks at night
Itching of anus
Itching nose
Picks or bores at nose
Wants to rub the nose
Restless sleep
Grinds teeth during sleep
Voracious hunger

Worse the day before the full moon
Confusion of mind
Difficult concentration
Absent minded
Forgetful Mistakes in spelling
Feeling detached or disconnected
Disinclined for physical or mental work
Changeable mood
Irritable and Impatient

Natrum Muriaticum
Disposition to get worms
Constipation from inactivity alternating with diarrhoea

Pinworms Tapeworm
Itching and crawling sensation in ears, nose and anus

Ringworm Scabies General worms
Redness around the anus
Diarrhoea of infants with sweating
Children hold back stool on account of the pain
Hard knotty stools
Diarrhoea alternates with constipation

Crawling sensation in anus
Soreness burning
Itching in anus
Boring in nose
Picking of dry lips

Calcaria Carbonica
Tapeworm pinworms round worm
Crawling feeling in anus
Suits large flabby children
Constipated or slow digestion means infrequent stools

Caladium Seguinum
Thread worms Pin worms
Itching of vulva
Burning sensation of vulva
Burning sensation of skin

Tellurium Metallicum
Circular patches all over the body.
May have offensive odours 
Ringworm on face
Pimples on face
Burning in lips
Gums bleed easily
Herpetic spots
Circular patches of eczema
Eczema behind the ears
Itching of the hands and feet

Remedy for Itching
Worse for Scratching
Tremendous itching without eruption
Skin burns at night
Excessive itching at night
Constipation with itching

Kali muriaticum
Thread worms
Itching anus
Sore anus
Itching after passing stools
Constipation with light coloured stools

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