When you find yourself in a situation where Homeopathy needs defending

So what do you say to someone who is being rude or dismissive about homeopathy?   All to often we don’t engage in the debate, and this is because people against homeopathy don’t really like debating, they like dominating the conversation, they seem only able to transmit and not receive…

But occasionally people might want to discuss homeopathy and here is your chance to defend your right to your personalised health options.

And this is where I will start.  Homeopathy is a choice, I don’t mind if you don’t choose it but please don’t stop others from making a choice in their healthcare.

People become interested in homeopathy when they are looking for alternatives.  People are often not interested in homeopathy if they do not need it or are happy with their existing healthcare.  This is absolutely fine and we will always respect this.

People choose to explore homeopathy when:

Their Doctor cannot find out what is wrong with them

They are having to many reactions to their medications

They realise they have to keep taking more and more medications and still don’t get better

They want to try something different because their medications are not improving health

There is no cure for their ailment so they want to try other forms of healthcare

They would prefer a more natural approach to medications

They have never been well since a particular incident or event

They inherited a susceptibility and would like to strengthen their immunity


So here are some great points to get in to the conversation:

  1.  Homeopathy is great for everything that mainstream medicine isn’t so good at such as grief and trauma, anger and anxiety
  2.  Homeopathy works on animals and babies so it isn’t placebo.


  3.  Homeopathy cannot be patented so no-one gets rich trying to make me better.


  4.  Homeopathy has no side effects so you won’t need more medication to counteract this one


  5.  Homeopathy  is affordable and it encourages people to be more responsible for their own health


  6.  Homeopathy doesn’t change over decades so there are thousands of research documents and papers showing results


  7.  Homeopathy doesn’t result in bacteria and virus’s mutating so it will always be effective


  8.  Homeopathy works with the body so is safe to use for babies and for palliative care


  9.  Homeopathy is not expensive, it is sustainable and it is not tested on animals


  10.  Homeopathy is the 2nd most popular medicine after Chinese medicine.

False statements often used in homeopathic debates … this is my usual reply

There is no evidence that homeopathy works.
Actually there is lots of evidence, you are obviously looking in the wrong places, shall I take your email and send you the thousands of reports and papers, studies and cases showing the efficacy of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is just placebo
If placebo is the body healing itself then I don’t mind if it really is placebo, but I don’t understand how it works with babies then.

Homeopathy cannot work at such high dilutions
Yes it can and one day soon it will be proven.  We are very close to understanding that water holds a memory, we are very close to understanding how energy changes our cells.  Luckily the world was actually round before it was proven to be so, just as gravity existed before we understood what it was.  Our world still has a lot of discoveries to be made … but we are getting close

Why don’t the pharmaceutical companies manufacture the remedies if they work?
They do, they are homeopathic pharmaceutical companies.

Why doesn’t everyone use it if it works?
It is the 2nd most used medicine in the world.

Why are the newspapers full of negative things about homeopathy if it is good?
Why did the sugar companies release papers stating that fat is bad for people?  Was it something to do with the fact that low fat foods are laden with more sugar?  Sometimes people make more money out if their competition is knocked out of circulation.

I hope these arguments help you to come to the defence of homeopathy when it is needed.




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