Homeopathy for Refugees
This Christmas I am spending my time working in a Women’s Centre for refugees in Samos in Greece.  The centre offers a safe space, a moment away from the refugee camp on the hill.  Women and their babies can come, have food and water, do yoga and english lessons, they can sit in comfort, they can sew and knit, they can speak with lawyers, nurses and healthcare workers. And now they can have homeopathy! We all know how useful homeopathy is for grief and trauma, anxiety and panic attacks, we also know how it can help with sleeping issues, it can help with headaches and stomach upsets and also is useful for coughs and colds, earaches and tooth pain. The camp is built to house 600 people in tents and containers.  It now has over 8000 men, women and children.  You can only imagine the state of the facilities there.  It is dire! Non Government Organisations are not allowed into the camp so they set up in the town below. The Women’s Centre was formed in March of this year and now welcomes over 300 women and their children each day.  This is just the tip of the iceberg … There is so much we need to be able to provide basic assistance to these people in need. I am raising money to set up a homeopathic station in the centre as well as collect the things that are most needed right now. Please click through to see how you can help.    I have set up a website explaining all of the different ways you can help right now …. and it is so much appreciated by the team here.  Thank you in advance  

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