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Helping You Fly

Learning To Fly For those needing an extra helping hand to go further, to achieve life dreams, to get through difficult times, to plan achievable...

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Remedies For Carers

Remedies for Carers Homeopathic Remedies to Help people cope with their role as a carer or as a parent. I often talk to people who feel overwhelmed...

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The Placebo Conversation

So What Do You Say When Someone Comes Up with The Placebo Conversation? I asked my friends in our Homeopathy Group their most used answers to this...

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Examination Anxiety

The Stress Of Exams The time is upon us when our children, and some of us adults are getting stressed about exams. The way the stress affects us...

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Layers of Health

Your Levels of Health Your health and vitality will have an effect on how you respond to the remedies. If you are generally healthy, you will...

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