Worried about Corona?

Worried about the Corona Virus

Firstly let’s help contin the worry element.  The virus is spreading quickly around the world but is no more lethal than the majorities of  flu that circulate every winter. The difference of this one is that it is a new strain and one that is being monitored throughout the world.  Currently it is not having a severe effect with people under 65.

But that doesn’t stop you worrying does it?  Your worry is useful in helping you prepare for an outbreak in your area, once you have made your preparations, your worry has no good effects and needs to be checked. 

So here are a few remedies you might want to consider if you have made the precautions you can but you are still worrying, and this is now not ‘helpful’ worry.

Worry generally is 200c  one dose then repeat in three days if needed.

Worried about Health  = Arsenicum
Worried about Family members = sulphur
Worried about Money = Arsenicum
Worried about going somewhere = Arg nit
Fear of poverty = sulphur
Worry about pressure on chest = phosphorus
Fear approaching other = arnica

Remedies to help build immunity for your and your children.

Remedies for protection = 30c, one a day for 3 days then repeat after 2 weeks

Ferrum phos

If you see symptoms beginning:-
Remedies at onset of Fever

Aconite 200c twice over one day.

Remedies for flu symptoms (corona virus or other) 30c up to 4 times a day

Arsenicum album
The worried patient with restlessness.
Worried about health, worried about money, worried about food.
May become obsessive with washing hands and staying clean.
Thirsty for cold water but only takes sips
May suffer from diarrhoea and nausea and vomiting.
High fever with hot face and cold body.
Feels exhausted, cold, anxious

Rapid onset of high fever
Flushed, red face with dilated pupils
Profuse sweating
Hands and feet may be icy cold
No thirst
Hypersensitivity to light and noise

Bryonia alba
Severe aching worse for any movement
Chill with a hot head, Dry burning heat
Dryness of mouth with tremendous thirst gulping lots of water
Sharp pain when swallowing
Left sided headache, chest pains and back pains
Sharp pains in the chest from inspiration
Wants to take a deep breath but cannot because it makes pains/cough worse
Bursting, splitting headache

Eupatorium perfoliatum
High fever with unbearable aching bones
Burning heat
Desires cold food and lots of cold drinks
Heavy aching head
Watery nasal discharge
Nausea and vomiting
Throat dry and hoarse
Soreness in chest

Ferrum phosphoricum
Painful tickling cough
Pale face alternating with redness
Loss of appetite or desire for sour things
Nose bleeds and ear aches
Water discharge in nose
Night sweats
Fever with sore throat
Heat with sweaty hands
Tonsils red and swollen

Weakness and heavy feeling
Fever, headache and muscular soreness
Chills up and down the back
Fever with drowsiness
Burning pain in throat to ear
Painful lump in throat
Heaviness and burning pain in chest when coughing

Nux vomica
Chilliness alternating with heat
Must be covered
Chill with thirst and heat without thirst
Fever with internal chilliness
Tightness across the chest
Sensation as if something were torn in chest from cough
Dry cough, violent in the morning
Headache with ling and sound sensitivity
Nausea and vomiting

Great heaviness or weight on the chest, tightness
Heat in the chest, burning pains
Dry cough with head pain
Cough worse from cold air, reading, laughing, talking or from going into a warm room
Blue rings under eyes
Congestion of lungs
Whole body trembles with cough
Cold clammy sweat
Craves icy water
Larynx very painful
Great drowsiness

Antimonium Tartaricum
Rattling of mucus in the chest
Thick white sputum coughed up
Trembling chilliness
Intense heat with intermittent fever
Swallowing painful
Cold clammy or sticky sweat

Frequent flushes of heat
Burning redness and dryness in the throat with the sensation of a splinter
Shooting chest pains extending to back
Burning then coldness in chest
Heaviness in stomach
Nausea and vomiting

Remedies for recovery

Ferrum phos

If you are worried about your symptoms then please book a consult in my diary

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