Difficult Behaviours and Remedies that Match

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Finding a remedy for your child means taking into consideration as much information as you can collect and finding a remedy which has as many areas covered as possible.

Difficult behaviours covers many aspects of life and so the job of finding the right remedy for your child is made more difficult for you. Some small remedies might be worth considering as well as some of the larger picture polycrests. (Remedies that cover many physical and emotional symptoms).

When you are faced with a list such as illustrated below, it is often difficult to know where to start. You will, however, notice that many of the remedies come up in different rubrics (Symptom descriptions). If you find the same remedies in two or three rubrics you can eliminate quite a few of the other remedies. When looking in a repertory (the dictionary of symptoms), you will want to consider how a child experiences the symptoms as well as how you experience their behaviour. Find the right descriptions is the difficult part or using a repertory.

You will need to consider other factors to decide which remedy will be right for your child. Look up each remedy and decide which one fits your child best. You will see that they are completely different characters. If you can find a remedy that is in two or three of the ‘rubrics’ (symptoms in the repertory).

These rubrics are taken from ‘Murphies homeopathic Medical Repertory’

Abusive children: ammonium muriaticum, calcaria carbonic, chamomilla, cina, hyoscyamus niger, lycopodium, natrum muriaticum, platinum, tuberculinum

Children who curse and swear: anacardium, belladonna, hyoscyamus niger, lycopodium, lyssin, nitric acidum, nux vomica, platinum, stramonium, tarentula hispanica, tuberculinum, veratrum viride.

Desire to hide: arsenicum album, baryta carbonicum, belladonna, hyoscyamus niger, ignatia, lachesis, pulsatilla, staphysagria, stramonium and tarentula hispanica

Jumping on chairs: belladonna

Childs kicks others: belladonna, carbo veg, chamomilla, cina, lycopodium, nux vomica, proteus bacillus, stramonium, strychnine, tarent, veratrum viride

Excitable children: aloe, ambra grisea, carcinosin, hyoscyamine, lycopodium, medorrhinum, phosphorus.

Ailments from fright in highly excitable children: aconite, argentum nitricum, calcarea carbonica, carcinosin, coffea cruda, gelsemium, hyoscyamine, ignatia, opium, phosphorus.

Discontented children: calcaria phosphate, carcinosin, chamomilla, China, medorrhinum, tuberculinum.

Disobedient children: chamomilla, china, cina, medorrhinum, tuberculinum.

Childs crawls into corners and howls or cries: camphora.

Destructive behaviour: anacardium orientale, belladonna, chamomilla, cina, hepar sulphuris, hyoscyamus niger, Lachesis, medorrhinum, nux vomica, staphysagria, stramonium, tactual hispanica, tuberculinum, veratrum viride.

Ailments from Jealousy: apis, arsenicum album, hyoscyamus niger, ignatia, lachesis, medorrhinum, nux vomica, phosphorus, pulsatilla, staphysagria

Child cannot be quieted: aconite, arsenicum album, calcarea phosphorica, chamomilla, cina, ignatia, medorrhinum, syphilinum.

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