The Six Week Personalised Coaching Plan to STRESS LESS AND SMILE MORE

Registration is now CLOSED for our
Personalised 6 week coaching plan
to help you
Recharge and Fly

I am looking for 6 busy moms who are stuck right now but are ready to take back control of their lives and are ready to

If you are too busy with life right now, too stressed with life right now, too fed up with life right now … THIS IS FOR YOU!

On the 6th April 2020

you can be one of the 6 founding members who will begin working closely with me to make the vital changes to enable them to  STRESS LESS AND SMILE MORE


Does this sound right for you?

I know that making changes is difficult when you are a busy mom.
I understand that implementing changes in your busy routine can knock you off balance.
But we both know that you SHOULD be enjoying this time in your life.
You SHOULD be enjoying time with your family, time with your friends and time with yourself …. So what needs to change in your life?

This is why I am putting together this amazing 6 WEEK Coaching Challenge … just for you … to guide you through the changes you need to make so that you can STRESS LESS and SMILE MORE.   So that you can begin to enjoy your journey right now.

I spent far too many years thinking when I have this much money, life will be better, when I have this house or this job or this car, life will be better. And the sad fact is, I missed out on my kids growing up.  I was always TOOOOO Busy surviving.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You won’t have to look back at your past and say I should have done things differently.   I am going to work with YOU to show you how to make those changes right now.

So this is what I have put together for you:

Stress Less and Smile More

This is for you!
6 moms for 6 weeks
The 6 Week ‘Stress Less and Smile More’ Challenge

1. A daily program that you can fit into your busy routine.
2. Personalised program to suit your life, your stresses, your routine and your goals.
3. A range of exercises, videos, ideas, incentives, information, challenges, routines and thoughts for you to discover, practice and that will fit into your daily routine.
4. 5 and 10 minute exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere even while you are feeding the baby or mowing the lawn.
5. Help to build confidence, self esteem and self value so that you are less nervous or anxious
6. Natural therapies and medicine to improve your health and wellbeing.
7. A guide to improve your sleep routine so that you have more energy.
8. A nutrition plan to improve your diet, making sure your body has the nutrients it needs to function correctly.
9.  A daily reminder to keep you on track.
10. A Panic Button calmer for when your stress levels rise.    

Each week we will cover a range of topics with a series of exercises, goals and challenges to begin making changes right from the outset.

Week 1 …. Discover your smile again
Week 2 …. Grow your Self Esteem and meet the Very Best You
Week 3 …. Feel your power, feel your strength, feel your passion
Week 4 …. Create your own rules and step away from social pressures
Week 5 …. Rediscover your past, invent your future, enjoy the journey
Week 6 …. Stress Less and Smile More

And also this coaching package also includes

Bonus 1
1 x Individual Coaching Call to understand exactly your areas of discomfort and your goals
Before we begin we will have a personal consultation so that we can put together the best plan for you.  We will look at your life, your emotions, your health, your stresses, your passions, your relationships  and your goals. This is for you and will be built around your current situation and your goals

Bonus 2 
From week 2 = Weekly group call to keep on track
We will meet as a group, get to know each other so we can work together, encourage & motivate each other and work together as a team, turning each problem into a challenge, a hurdle that we can each overcome.

Bonus 3 
Accountability WhatsApp Group so you don’t quit until you see results.
We know there will be difficult moments, having a back up team will mean we have total support when the going gets tough!

Bonus 4 
Your Own App to ‘Stress Less and Smile More’ any time, any where.
Putting the information, the exercises, the videos and the daily incentives on an app means you can access the challenge at any time, anywhere whatever is happening.  You can do 5 minute exercises when you really have only 5 minutes, you can record your feelings when you only have two minutes and you can revisit your favourite bits whenever you are able!

Master Bonus 5  Membership including Access to New Content,  Monthly  coaching Calls after the challenge and the EXCLUSIVE Community to hold you accountable and create long term results
That means that even after the 6 weeks is over …. Your program doesn’t end.    It just keeps going.   

If this is for you then you can book a discovery call with me now, straight into my calendar,  to find out how you can join the team in this amazing opportunity to join the challenge.  You can ask me all of the questions you have to make sure that this is absolutely right for you.

The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount as a founding member!

But I have a sneaky reason for giving you a huge discount…
I’m looking for 6 Founding Members, who I can work with closely over the next 6 weeks to get them the very best outcome possible and will be looking for future testimonials from you.

The Finances
The cost of this Personalised Program will be $1200 but the First 6 Founding members will get it for $345
Click through and book your FREE Discovery call now and find out if this is really right for you.    Remember, I only have 6 places … so don’t hang about!

If you are interested in changing your life, in Stressing Less and Smiling More, in Recharging your Batteries and loving the life you live

Book a FREE STRATEGY CALL straight into my diary.

It’s that simple

Speak soon,


PS: You may be thinking… What’s the catch? Well there is no catch. I’m simply looking to test out my new program and get some killer testimonials before releasing it to the wider public at the price it deserves.

PPS: There are only 6  spots available as founding members at this price. If you want to learn to manage your stress right now, and start enjoying your life then don’t dilly dally, book that free call!

PPPS:  The start date for the course is April 6th 2020.

Make sure this is right for you     Book a FREE Discovery CALL straight into my diary.

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